3 Ways To Ensure A Successful Linking Campaign

We may have read this over and over again. Getting quality links to our website is a very critical factor to determine our success. Ranking properly in Google is our primary priority. Our goal is to get targeted traffic from our website. In this case, we may need to rank properly in Google, so we should be able to accomplish better things. Here are things we should do to get more success with inbound links:

  1. Track our traffic and results: Before we start our linking campaign, it is important to properly track our effort. We will need to work hard to build many links. In this situation, we may not have a clue about things that will and will not work. We may even do things that are plain stupid. In this case, we should really know what will work. It would be much easier if we focus our time, so we will be able to achieve much better results. During a linking campaign, we should see websites that send steady traffic to ours. However, it is more important to find websites that send the most buyers. This is the most valuable kind of traffic, so can’t afford to ignore them. There are some free traffic analyzer services that can help us to understand more about our traffic. However, Google Analytics is often considered as the best kind of tool that we should use. It has a lot of features and it’s completely free. Google Analytics can be combined with our Adwords account.
  2. Be consistent: Getting many links is something that can’t be achieved overnight. We will need to be consistent and it may take months before we could get plenty of quality links. We should be able to get some benefits in weeks or even days, but it is often temporary and unstable. We need to have inbound links that provide us permanent and long lasting results. During the first year, we should expect to see fluctuations in our search engine rankings, so we shouldn’t be too concerned if our rank goes down occasionally. Just keep on writing fresh content and generating quality links, so we will be able to obtain permanent ranks sooner. There are some methods that can help us generate links faster, but we should stick with legal methods.
  3. Check our outbound links: Like in our real life, the Internet is about receiving and giving. Google and other search engines will expect that we also give links to others. However, we should link only to qualified websites. Google may suspect that we are trading links, if we have plenty of outbound links to websites with roughly similar ranks.

The above methods should help us to achieve much more successful linking campaign. It would be much easier for us to achieve results. Often, the best way to attract quality links is by delivering content that’s not available in other websites. It means that we need to allocate enough resources to generate great content, it often means hiring dedicated content creators.

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