Managing Business Lists

For a start – up entrepreneur being obsessed with the success of his business is nothing unnatural. It is common knowledge that he should be persistent, passionate, motivated, driven by data and have the ability to push his team members towards the company’s goals. There is another thing that is imperative if he wants to succeed as an entrepreneur: managing lists.

An entrepreneur has to be obsessive about maintaining lists because without this particular characteristic feature he will not be able to systematize his work. He can maintain the list in the form of contact lists, spreadsheets, sales force files, Evernote files or any other format.

The style of list management might be anything, but the business owners must be able to realize three things. They are.

  • The time to create a new list
  • The things that need to be added to the list
  • The technique of prioritizing and acting upon the lists

Examples of Lists

Mentioned below are some of the lists that a business should maintain.

# List of Investors, Both Potential and Existing

  • When he starts his business, he will come across many angel investors and capitalists who are willing to invest on the business. The moment he hears about them, the entrepreneur should add their names and contact numbers on his investors list. If he is not fundraising at the time he comes across the investors’ names, he should keep the names, so that he can contact them in the event of fundraising.
  • Moreover, staying in contact with investors helps in being on their good books.

# List of Advisers

He should keep a list of advisers and the skill set of each of them. For instance, one of the advisers is associated with media. From him, the entrepreneur may ask help regarding PR.

# List of Potential Partners

If he is interested to enter into partnership in future or if he heard about a potential partner in a meeting, he can write down the names of the likely partners. He can have organized corporate development activities, if he keeps track of the potential partners.

#List of Current Partners

If the business has distribution partners, it is imperative that the entrepreneur stays in communication with them. He can maintain the names of the partners; type of partnership, best allies or any other kind of relationship, so that he can send holiday cards, updates of the company and other helpful information.

# List of Talented People

  • In the event that the entrepreneur meets a talented person he thinks he can incorporate in his company, he should write down the name and the expertise of the person.
  • Even if he does not want to hire at that point of time, he should keep the list for later opportunities to hire them.

From the above article, it can be deduced that creating and maintaining lists is significant to ensure that the business runs smoothly and in an organized way. Starting from talent pool through advisers, investors to potential and current partners he should keep a tab of everything he knows about these people that might help him in his professional endeavor.

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