Use Movavi Converter To Run Your Web Design MP4 Tutorial In DVD Player

Do you need to convert a web designing tutorial video from MP4 to AVI? Well, it could be that you are an aspiring web designer hooked to web designing videos online. Now, MP4 is the most popular format for playing videos but could be a problem when you need to play video on DVD player. It could be that you need to share the web designing tutorial video with your fellow partner who has got a DVD player that don’t support the MP4 format. The web designing tutorials are a must watch for every aspiring designers and you cannot let technological incompatibility come in between your ambitions.

 Thankfully you have the video converter software options today that will help you to convert mp4 to avi. But you must know that there are several such converter software programs yet not all can be compatible for you. If you follow the expert reviews, Movavi Video Converter is the one of the most voted options when it comes to MP4-AVI conversion. Movavi is an internationally acclaimed award winning brand with satisfied client base in around 150 countries. Thus, you can be assured of the high performance quotient of the Movavi Converter software program. Here is a brief on how to convert your web designing MP4 tutorial video into AVI for your friend’s DVD player.

Step 1

In the first step, you will download the Movavi Video Converter software from Movavi’s official site. Install it as per the instructions provided.

 Step 2

 Then, you would need to choose the MP4 web design tutorial video file from your PC through the “Add Video” option on the software program. The Movavi converter software is designed for batch conversion and hence you would be able to convert multiple MP4 files at once.

Step 3

In the next step you would have to choose the AVI preset. Open “Convert To” option & move to “Video & Audio formats”. From there, pick up the AVI preset as this where you will convert your MP4 video.

Step 4

Choose your preferred output folder from “Destination” section and then click on “Conversion” to kick-start the MP4-AVI conversion.

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