3 Things That Impress Your Job Interviewer

When looking for a good job resume is important because it will be the key that allows us to access an interview. However, we are not the only ones to reach front recruiter trying to convince our ability.

In the process of selecting the recruiter is the first face-to-face filter, and it is important that we achieve cause impression to ensure a spot in the next round.

Analysts recruiters or HR are people like us; They are playing the mission to cover staffing needs of a company. They often have time pressures, must respond to the needs of various departments and handle high stress levels.

Once we got the interview is important to plan our strategy. Many candidates are not successful in your job search because they do not adequately prepare for your interview and are not focused on the best impression.

3 Things That Impress Your Job Interviewer

Impress the recruiter in your job interview with these tips:

1. Flawless Image

In 10 seconds the recruiter will get an idea of you based on your appearance. Not necessarily about discrimination, just the recruiter has the obligation to propose candidates with good image, depending on the position.It’s your job! And yours is to see presentable.

The clothing is certainly a key point. For men the recommendations ranging from casual clothing to a suit, according to the vacancy to be filled. In women ideally a black dress pants or navy blue, straight cut without bags or ornaments. The top can be chosen in more varied tones and if the costume is complete with a sack, much better. A skirt of dress is also a good idea, as long as not too short.

Take care of the details, clothing is not the only thing the recruiter, especially be fixed during the interview, where you can watch you closely.

2. Convey Precautions

This point has nothing to do with our personality. It is possible to transmit safety if we propose. Make a meal a few hours before your interview, it is essential that you have energy and you are not fasting! Go with plenty of time if you have no time pressure your stress level is reduced. Go to the bathroom before the interview, concentrate and breathe deep.

Your body language says a lot about you. Strongly welcomes the recruiter, smiling naturally and look him in the eyes. Avoid biting lips or nails, play pens, etc. These attitudes reveal boredom, anxiety and nervousness among other moods.

3. Prepare Your Answers

If you arrive in front of the recruiter without having made possible answers to your questions, then you did not do the job. There are questions that make recruiters drawer and you must prepare to respond. You can also practice your answers with friends and family.

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