E-Cigarette Flavours for Men

When we think of flavoured cigarettes, the consumer of this product that most frequently comes to mind is women. Yes, a lot of men do smoke menthol flavoured cigarettes, but what about other flavours? How many men do you know who would willingly admit that they prefer lighter or fruity or other flavoured cigarettes? Yes, very few indeed.

So how can these men try other flavours without being teased about it by their friends, family or colleagues? All they have to do is switch to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes get their taste and smell from flavoured e-liquids. The e-liquid is heated to release vapours that the user inhales and this liquid is available in many flavours. With a regular pack of cigarettes, you can take one look at it and identify the flavour or strength. You can’t do this with an e-cigarette since there’s no pack with printed information on it. This lets you off the hook.

However, what are the flavours that you could smoke in public without the fear of ridicule? Here’s a mini list:

  • The Energy Drink Flavour

Since anything that makes you look, sound, feel or appear like an alpha male is approved by your peers, this energy drink flavoured e-cigarette liquid shouldn’t be any different. Energy drinks are considered a manly drink and a flavour that bears the same name shouldn’t pose a problem for you.

  • The Cool Cola Flavour

Any kind of cola is acceptable since there’s no discrimination against a man who enjoys a dark, chilled, non-alcoholic beverage on a hot day. Taking this logic forward, the cool cola flavoured e-cigarette liquid won’t be the flavour that makes you hide your cigarette.

  • The Classic Tobacco Flavour

If you’re a man who can pull off smoking a cherry flavoured e-cigarette in the company of your friends, good for you! The classic tobacco flavour is for the rest of the majority who can’t. If you intend to smoke an e-cigarette in the company of judgemental folks the classic tobacco flavour is your new best friend. It smells like tobacco and tastes like tobacco. This is the flavour that helps make your non-smoking life easier.

What do you think? Are these the e liquid flavours that you use? Let us know in the comments section. And if you have any experiences related to buying or using electronic cigarettes and the many flavours available, share those with us too.


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