How To Improve Your Writing Skills

Sadly, we cannot cover all forms of writing here, so we will cover essay writing only. If you want to become a better essay writer and create both high scoring and academically credible essays, then take a few of these tips. It is not fair to say that practice makes perfect in this case. You need a foundation upon which to build your knowledge. As you read the tips and advice on this article, remember you need to consciously try to improve your writing as you go. Reflect upon your work, your process, your research, your style and productivity and ask yourself, could I have done that better?

Planning your essay is the most important feature

A good plan will guide you through your work, eliminate writer’s block, and help keep your work balanced. Students that seek assignment help from the writers reviewed at are often unaware of just how much time goes into planning an essay. People that invest time in writing their plan always find the essay writing process a lot easier. Plus, many times they find that the essay writing process takes them less time.

Make bullet point lists

Do not write big chunks of text in your plan. Write bullet point notes. They don’t need lots of explaining because you know what they mean. People seeking assignment help in Australia because they are too close to their deadline may be wasting too much time on their plan.

Only note the reference material and page numbers

Do not write text about things you research. Write a sentence that represents the point or idea of the research material, and then add a reference and page number so you can revisit the research material when and if you need it.

Try to make each section independent

Concentrate on your essay in a modular fashion and tie it all together in the conclusion. It means you can write it over a number of days without confusion and/or accidentally repeating yourself.

How many words do you write for each question?

It is simple. Take the entire word count and count the number of marks for each question. Divide the total word count by the number of marks and assign that number to each question, like this:

Question 1 (2 marks)

Question 2 (4 marks)

Question 3 (4 marks)

Total word count is 1000 words

So it is 2+4+4 = 10

1000/10 = 100 words

And apply

Question 1 (2 x 100 = 200 words)

Question 2 (4 x 100 = 400 words)

Question 3 (4 x 100 = 400 words)

Over write your essay and trim it down when you are finished

The worst essays are the ones that have fluff and padding. It is easy to make a few paragraphs into a lot of paragraphs if you add enough useless wordage. Do not do this; instead, you should overwrite far beyond the total word count. If you cannot overwrite, you need to restart your research and add more points. When you are done, trim down your work and make it more concise. It is just as easy to trim down your work to the main ideas and points as it is to fluff up your work.

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