Tips For Wearing The Right Jewellery For Work

Choosing between office attire jewellery and other accessories can be a daunting task and budgetary constraints too keep such items at bay. When budgets curb your buying decision, you can opt for some counterfeit jewellery or imitation Jewellery. Dressing or beautifying yourself in faux is not bad at all, but you will have to take some cues from your colleagues to get the right kind of faux Jewellery. Alternatively, you can read some online fashion blogs or visit a fashion store in your area.

Buying Jewellery from online stores like Paytm has become a fad these days. There are quite some Paytm offers that will surely blow your mind away. Make sure that you select the right kind of jewellery that matches your office attire.

Here are some best jewellery or fashion accessories that can be worn to office:

Option #1: Necklaces  

You can opt for a thin necklace, but make sure they are not too long. Long and sagging necklaces are passé and are not recommended for office wear. Necklaces and earrings go hand in hand, but not all the time. You can opt for either necklaces or earrings for the modern office. If you are wearing both – the necklace and the earrings, then you will have to follow the big to small concept. If the necklace is big, then the earrings need to be small. If the earrings are big, the necklace needs to be short and thin. Jewellery can be worn outside the clothing as well. This means that if you have a jacket, you can still wear a large necklace that pops out on the jacket.

Option #2: Earrings

Like necklaces, you will have to pay great attention to the earrings as well. Symmetry and balance is out of fashion these days. You can wear a thick earring on your left ear lobe and a thin stud on the other. You can opt for colourful and bright earrings that are made out of mix metals etc. Remember that each earring must add value to your entire outfit. Experts will always tell you to stop in front of your mirror before you take off for work and get rid of any one jewellery item. Although this may seem to be quite appropriate for the modern lady, there are times where you may have to add one jewellery item as well.

Option #3: Bangles and Bracelets

Bangles are loud when they bang on your desk when you work on your PC. If you enjoy wearing bangles or bracelets then go for mesh material. They don’t make noise when they come in contact with your desk. Also, some bangles may be very pretty or sentimental (gifted by parents); but that does not mean you should wear it on every outfit. Pick the one that suits well with your outfit.

The jewellery that you wear can say a lot about your personality. So, be very judicious when you are wearing jewellery for office when there is a presentation.

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