Few Factors That Ensures That You Consume Coffee Produced By Ethical Means

Coffee is one of the largest consumed commodities across the world. The number of coffee lovers has considerably increased in the past couple of years. With the popularity of coffee, the concept of ethical coffee has also attracted much attention. Ethical coffee means consuming coffee that has been produced using ethical methods and practices in terms of means of production and the consideration given to farmers.

Types of Coffee

Coffee can typically be divided into the following two categories based on the means of production. These include:

Conventional Coffee

This variety of coffee is chemically treated with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. This method of production exposes farmers to various types of chemicals which may prove hazardous to their health. The chemicals can also increase the level of toxins in the soil.

Organic Coffee

Organic coffee does not make use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers during the production process. Instead, organic fertilizers like compost, chicken manure, coffee pulp and several other types of organic fertilizers. This method of production also contributes to the environment as carbon emissions from chemical fertilizers are reduced.

The coffee produced by this method is rich in antioxidants. It is hence the most preferred office coffee. Organic coffee is hence considered as ethical coffee. The other features that may contribute towards ethical coffee:

  • Ethical coffee is grown in the shade as the environment facilitates growth of high quality coffee beans.
  • Ethical coffee production takes into account the environmental concerns and focuses on maintaining the ecological balance.

Considerations Regarding Farmers

A major consideration regarding coffee production is the condition and treatment meted out to farmers involved in the production process. Since coffee is not a necessity but a luxury good, it can influence the condition of farmers in a significant way. Coffee farmers are generally subject to a lot of hard work but are paid a lower amount for the produce.

There are various factors that can ensure good working conditions for farmers. These include:


Most types of office coffee service is expensive. However, a higher price does not guarantee good working conditions for farmers. It is hence important to ascertain the methods of coffee production rather than simply focusing on the price.

Coffee labels

Most well known coffee labels claim to procure beans from farmers who work in good working conditions. It is advisable to ascertain the truth of this claim before deciding to buy a particular coffee label.

Direct trade

In order to ensure that you consume ethical coffee, it is advisable to consider labels that deal directly with farmers. Direct dealing with farmers helps them to increase their profit share.


Various labels of coffee come with different types of certifications. These certifications ensure the quality of the coffee and the conditions in which they are grown. They ensure employment of ethical practices in coffee production.

Organically grown coffee which takes into account the conditions of farmers is increasingly becoming popular due to the ethical concerns. You may evaluate various factors in order to ascertain than the coffee that you buy is produced by ethical means.

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