Fun and Fantastic 10 Activities to Do In Bali, Indonesia

Fun and Fantastic 10 Activities to Do In Bali, Indonesia

Bali, also known as the tropical paradise of Indonesia is one of the best and popular tourist destinations for vacation. Every year, a large number of people visit this place due to the sheer appeal of its lustrous natural beauty.

The tranquil blue waters and the sandy beach landscape, lush rice and paddy fields, emerging volcanoes, pristine lakes, and forested mountains are all in perfect harmony with the beautiful environment.  The enriched marine diversity and century-old temples further highlight the majestic glory of this place.

However, the natural, scenic beauty of the place is not just the only factor making Bali a popular tourist destination. It is also a place displaying colorful festivities, songs, and dances all happening dramatically and extravagantly.

This and various other means of art and entertainment retain the tourists by keeping them intricately engaged. The nightlife of Bali is also thriving and the luxurious resorts along the seaside offer different experiences for all.

The tropical island of Bali offers the tourists much more than being simply a holiday destination to enjoy on the beaches. There are several entertaining and enjoyable things to do, for everyone. Therefore, if one is planning a vacation here, one should read this article in detail to learn everything about Bali and its fun, adventurous vibe.

Fun and Fantastic 10 Activities to Do In Bali, Indonesia

1.     Try Diving or Scuba Diving

Bali underwater diving is a whole level of fun and entertainment. The coral reefs are pristine long with the turquoise blue water that reflects serenity and calm. A trending holiday destination for all, most tourists spend half their time scuba diving to explore the richness of the ocean life.

The expansive coral gardens are a big hit among the tourists. It is also a water sport there; hence, a big share of the tourism money is raised from here.

The Bali ocean water is home to a plethora of marine animals and unique aquatic creatures. Some of the places where can visit in Bali to try Scuba diving are as follows –

  • Tulamben in East Bali – This place attracts tourists because of its colorful coral reefs. The ocean floor is magnificently decorated which surprises the divers. Exploring the depths of the Tulamben sea is a brilliant activity that interests the visitors and divers.
  • Amed Beach – Also situated on the East side of Bali, this has emerged as a popular underwater tourist destination and a major sport for divers. The divers can see sea turtles, fishes, reef tip sharks, and more.
  • Pemuteran Bay– Located in North Bali, this site is premium for scuba diving. The world’s largest artificial reef project, the coral roof, and underwaters are a unique thing to discover.
  • Menjangan Island– Here, the rich coral gardens look marvelous to the divers. A virgin island, it is gifted with lush greenery and incredible underwater views.
  • Seraya Secrets – Regarded as the best and most suitable place for scuba diving in Bali, the muddy seabed is formed from volcanic deposits and the divers can see some rare oceanic creatures.

2.     Surfing

The coastal sealine of Bali is ideal for water sports like surfing. This adventure activity provides a lot of entertainment for the tourists, keeping them engaged throughout.

Most of the tourists will flock to this island to surf and memorably spend their time. The best time to do this activity is mainly from June to September. The viable locations where you can surf in peace without much crowd include Padang Padang, Bukit peninsular, while the sea waves at Nusa Dua and Kuta are well-known surfing spots for all.

Both experienced and beginners can try this sport with their own surfing boards. This also makes for quality time spending with friends and family.

3.      Trekking

Treks with sunrise or sunset are a beautiful combination. At Bali, you can do this by climbing up the volcanic mountains and watch the sunrise along the blue sealine. The looming volcanoes here have a mystical aura to it.

The local Balinese people worship these mountains religiously. Trekking is another best activity that you can choose to do in Bali. It is a magnificent feeling, reaching the top and watching that extraordinary view of the ocean and the dark red skies.

Go for Mount Batur, Mount Merbuk, or Bratan. In Batur, it is a two-hour hike where you have to conquer a 1700m height. It has a lake on top – Lake Batur which is one of the largest craters.

4.     Holy Water

Upon visiting Bali, you should definitely take out some time to explore the local, bountiful culture of the country. The temples, lakes, and rivers are all great to view.  Another location, known by the name of Pura Tirta Empul is renowned and special for the local Balinese worshippers.

They firmly believe that the waters here purify and cleanse their heart, soul, and mind. They pray with a devotion which gives them inner peace and calm of mind. The area is filled with positive vibes.

Every tourist can go and take a holy dip in the waters there, as it will soothe you. To miss this opportunity of bathing in the holy waters is regarded as very unfortunate and unfaithful. This deserves some time for visiting as the place is worth it.

5.     Water Sports

No, Scuba Diving is not the only adventure sport that tourists can try to enjoy here. The beaches of Bali offer much more excitement, it is not just a place to laze and relax. Here, you can try out flyboarding, sea walking, rafting along the Ayung or Telaga rivers, Parasailing, Kayaking, Water jet-skiing, Wakeboarding, and more.

As the breeze kicks in, the adventure rushed into the blood like a burst of freshness as you enjoy your time on or inside the ocean waters. Some of these water sports facilities can be discussed in the hotel or the resort where you stay. There are private companies on the beach sides who conduct these activities for tourists.

Fun and Fantastic 10 Activities to Do In Bali, Indonesia

6.     Quad biking

The Bali countryside is a place with a breathtaking view where tourists can go quad biking. These vehicles are specially designed for drive tours across rough terrains which is thrilling for all.

The tourists get to enjoy a combined feel of adventure along with the authentic view of countryside landscapes. These trails pass through green jungles, lush paddy fields, and small splashy streams. Therefore, the journey is worth investing both time and money in.

7.     Cycling through paddy fields

The paddy fields are another major attraction of Bali. The famous rice terrains of Ubud have been listed under UNESCO because of its magnificent sculpted scenery and the emerald green view all around.

In Bali, besides only taking photographs of them, you can cycle through these terrains and enjoy quality time in the lap of nature. It is also a very adventurous and active sport, providing full entertainment to all.

In case you do not prefer cycling, you can walk around and enjoy the scenic beauty. You can hop onto a rice tractor and visit the nearby villages.

You will thoroughly enjoy soaking up in the vast expanse of these rice paddies, visit the local coffee plantations, craft workshops, fruit orchards, and more. The natural beauty of Inland Bali is therefore inspiringly precious.

8.     Take cooking classes

The Balinese culture is wealthy. The culinary brilliance of this place is overwhelming. Ubud is another tourist destination in Bali where you can take cheap cooking lessons and learn the beautiful Bali cuisines.

The ingredients are freshly picked from the harvested farms. The tourists can enjoy a cooking spree with these tasty ingredients and spices. The cuisines are tasty.

Bali Island is also famous for its food, especially seafood. As a tourist, one should never miss the authentic delicacies. The Sanur restaurant is a popular place to go for dinners with family. Jimbaran is another. Try the traditional dishes at Warung Blanjong.

9.     Spa

Bali and a relaxing spa therapy session goes hand in hand. The perfect way of pampering yourself, the therapy salons in Bali are endless. Suitable for romantic couples, also individuals, and family members, you can spend some time with yourself and engage in a relaxing spa session.

The therapists follow the traditional Balinese style of aromatherapy, which is pure bliss and entirely rejuvenating. The best places to get a spa from are Bali Seminyak and Kuta.

10.     Nightlife

An appealing factor about visiting Bali is its nightlife. Kuta is the best place for this, where the nightlife thrives with crowded, chilled bars with live music, multiple eateries, and cafes, etc. the party life/culture in Bali is very safe, and it is the best thing to do, especially for bachelors. Also, there are engaging night markets in Bali to enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience.

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