It Is Never Too Late to Wake Up Your Creative Side

For some reason, we all believe if something doesn’t happen to us before the age of 40, then we have somehow failed. If we don’t have our dream job or have not met the love of our life, then we are way behind everyone else and will never have these things happen. However, don’t be fooled. Great things can happen well after the age of 40. Don’t see yourself as a failure. For instance, these people’s lives really took off later on in life.

Samuel Jackson

Nowadays, it seems that the actor Samuel Jackson is just about in every other movie that hits the big screen. It seems he makes about a dozen pictures a year. However, he has not always been so popular. In fact, he didn’t get his first big break in a movie until he was 43 years old. He struggled for years and years before hitting it big. You can do this, too!

Martha Stewart

Everyone knows who Martha Stewart is nowadays. She is an empire all to herself as she is a TV personality, author, chef, and sometime actor. It seems she has been around forever. But she didn’t become known until she put out her first book in 1982 at the age of 41. She has come a long way since then!

Regis Philbin

Known now as a legendary morning talk show host right there along Kathie Lee, he didn’t land that cushy job until he was 57 years old. If he would have thrown in the towel on Hollywood, he would have missed out on a lot. Perseverance is key in all situations.

Susan Boyle

We have all seen the clip of Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent when steps out on stage as kind of a frumpy, older-looking maid rather than a person with an amazing voice. Then she opens her mouth for her song and blows away millions across the globe. She was 48 years old and finally was able to get her very big break. You could be at that moment in your life right now. Whether you are younger or older, you can develop your creativity in a music school in Montreal and perhaps become the next big sensation! You’ll never know for sure until you try. Big things could be right around the corner for you!

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