Gastric Bypass And Its Uses

A lot of diseases are directly related to the digestive system, since they may be brought about by a failure in the process of digestion or due to bad dietary routines or infections in the organs of the digestive tract. In some cases, simple medicines and a bit of dietary control are more than enough to bring down the situation and restore good health. But in some severe cases, surgery may be the only option, where the stomach or the intestines may need to be operated on.

One of the most commonly prescribed methods of surgery in these procedures is gastric bypass surgery, where the stomach is surgically separated into two parts, a smaller upper part and a much larger remnant portion in the lower region. The intestine also needs to be redirected to be able to connect to both these parts. There are many procedures to do this gastric bypass surgery, and each has its own physical and physiological effects, but all of them reduce the total volume of the stomach. These kind of surgeries are very useful for a lot of critical diseases and thus patients are always on the search for the best gastric bypass doctor in India.

What are the various types of this procedure?

There are actually a few different types of operational procedures which fall under the category of gastric bypass surgery. The most common one is called laparoscopic surgery. It is a type of minimal invasion surgery where only a few small holes are made on the side of the patient’s stomach. Through the hole, a metallic extension with a video camera is attached and the other holes serve as entry points for various instruments, which the surgeons can control from outside while looking at the feed from the video camera. This method is really popular since it has the least amount of recovery time and leaves almost no scar marks or stitch marks.

Other forms include RYGB Proximal method, RYGB Distal method and the Mini-gastric bypass surgery procedures. The last few methods are still relatively new and not that widely used till now. They have shown promising results in controlled experiments and also in real-world applications, and are slowly starting to become the standardised procedures for gastric bypass operations.

Which diseases are treated by this method?

The most common use for gastric bypass surgery is to treat morbid obesity. Morbid obesity is the condition when the body weight of a person is abnormally high related to their Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. It is only recommended in critical conditions, when the patient has failed to lose excess weight by dieting or exercising. It may also be used when the patient, along with obesity, may have other clinical conditions which prevents them from losing weight by traditional methods. Other sever medical conditions that may be treated by this surgery are Type II Diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and some other conditions where more than one disease is present in a patient at the same time, called comorbid condition.


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