What We Can Learn From Ninja Training?

Ninja isn’t mythical professional assassin and they did operated in Japan hundreds of years ago. Their training is based on aggressive environment and unfavorable conditions. It means that ninja is able to react in a balanced and more flexible way, regardless of the challenges. Ninja is trained to perform spontaneous and instant reactions to any change in the environment. Ninja is known for their intelligence and they are able to use creative thinking to solve problems in the field through non-standard, quick decision making process. This can be achieved in extreme conditions. Ninja are thought how to use different weapons and tools to achieve their goals. They do this with efficient coordination of movements, excellent perception and inner calmness. This can be implemented by professional athletes to achieve their overall goals. Athletes may also implement this by using all available tools available to them. Coaches and athletes should learn about how ninja train themselves, especially special preference to perception and initiative in field situations. In fact, athletes may achieve many more things by escaping from the conventional way of thinking.

Improvements in terms of strength, speed and agility should be gradual and consistent. Ninja is known for their reluctance to rush, because untimely movements may cause bad results. Ninja also priotizes on continuity, which is a key to successful training. If ninja starts training on something, he will continue to practice it everyday, by keeping specific training schedule. Ninja is also know for their moderation, controlling common earthly pleasures. Too many professional succumbs to sensual temptation, alcohol abuse and poor eating habit. Ninja is known for their partial monk-like lifestyle to keep themselves focused. Professional athletes should also know how master self-restraint and self-control. Even in a very difficult condition, ninja is self-possessed and stay calm. They never give away their emotions, including egocentrism, excessive aggressiveness, fear, panic and others. Self-control allows ninja to stay determined in their skills and strength. By applying all the concepts, athletes may also behave in a more industrious, respectful and disciplined way. They appear organized and seem to be able to solve many things. Successful athletes also prioritize on courtesy by behaving in a humble, but professional way.

Some sports require very complicated methods and movements in a most critical condition. Professional athletes should understand their individual abilities and use all the available tools, equipment and gears like what ninja do. Athletes need to adjust their emotion and temperament to achieve their desired goals, while taking advantage of their pre-existing natural abilities. They need to deliver attack surgically, just like the way ninja unleash their decapitating slashes of swords. In fact, a bare-handed ninja can be deadlier than unprepared full-armed opponents. Athletes should include psychophysical training sessions to harmonize their body and mind. Eventually, athletes can be shaped into cold, hard steel that can strike with devastating blow in any match and game. Philosophy of ninja training can be applied to just any type of sports.

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