What are the treatments to cure bacterial vaginosis?

A vaginal condition called bacterial vaginosis is caused by overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis can lead to vaginal discharge and it happens due to the overgrowth of normal germs that are present in the vagina. Some of the risk factors for this problem in women are douching and having multiple sex partners even though it is not clear that sexual activity lead to the development of bacterial vaginosis. This health issue is caused due to the imbalance of a naturally occurring bacteria called flora and this is confused with canidiasis or yeast infection or infection with trichomoniasis that are not resulted by the bacteria. There is bacterial vaginosis treatment that can help women to recover from this issue by balancing the bacteria level in the vagina. There are signs and symptoms that assure the presence of bacterial vaginosis. Most of the women of about 85 percent are affected by this problem with no symptoms. When symptoms do shown, a bad odor and vaginal discharge are the most predominant symptoms.

The normal amount of discharge from vagina varies as per the woman. So, any degree of discharge is considered as abnormal for some women. Along with the vaginal discharge some women may feel an unpleasant odor. The vaginal discharge is more noticeable only after the sexual intercourse and it is not the only reason that leads to bacterial vaginosis. There are many causes that lead to overgrowth of bacteria in the discharge. A healthy vagina contains several microorganisms and some of them are lactobacillus jensenii and lactobacillus crispatus. Lactobacilli species produce hydrogen peroxide that appears to prevent other microorganisms of vagina to get multiplied. Women are advised to know about bacterial vaginosis treatment before they approach a doctor either to test the presence of BV or get medications to treat this issue.

Even though BV is associated with sexual intercourse women who are sexually inactive also get affected by bacterial vaginosis. This problem arises due to the disorder of biological and chemical imbalance of normal flora present in vagina. Women are pregnant are at a risk of experiencing this problem. This may also affect women after their menopause. Women can undergo treatment for bacterial vaginosis after it is diagnosed. When a woman informs a doctor about unusual vaginal discharge she will be asked to answer a series of questions in order to distinguish between mild and serious conditions. Some of the additional issues that indicates certain presence of conditions in women are pelvic pain, fever, sexually transmitted infections history and multiple or new sexual partners. Along with these, doctor will perform pelvic exam to note the appearances of cervix and vaginal lining. The doctor also tests the manual exam of uterus and ovaries to examine the infection level.

A bacterial vaginosis treatment that is effective in treating this problem is antibiotic treatment. Pregnant women are suggested by doctors to undergo this treatment in order to avoid serious problems in uterus. Some of the alternative medicines for treating this problem in women are as follows. There are pills that are used in treating the multiple inflammations and infections in the reproductive system of women. Even though women can buy pills from the online store by themselves they are advised not to take any pills that are not suggested by the doctors. There are many products available in the market that seems to help in treating bv, but it does not. It is better for them to approach a doctor, undergo any pelvic exam or give samples to the laboratory for testing and get the best treatments and medications to treat the bacterial vaginosis.

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