20 Things That Turn The World Into A Better Place In 2020

20 Things That Turn The World Into A Better Place In 2020

The year 2020 was a bumpy ride for all. It has been incredibly challenging, testing every human life in ways beyond measure. Although our ancestors might disagree with the fact that it is the worst year in record ever, it has certainly taken us far away from the semblance of hope and the beacon of positive light.

Now, with the ushering of another new year, we must acknowledge our fortitude and resilience in getting through this year i.e, 2020. From the raging coronavirus pandemic to the severe economic deprivation, the multiple forest fires, and the surging racial tension, the happenings were endless, taking a toll on all.

However, apart from all the negative events, which invited despair and kept on surprising us from time to time, the silver lining did exist. It did get hard, fast, but we managed to make it through.

Despite getting exhaustive, we discovered many things positive about the individual self, the family, the community, and humankind as a whole. Yes, we fumbled our way through several trials and tribulations, but we never stopped showing the vital endeavor which uplifted our spirits in a literal sense.

In this article, we have discussed 20 such positive things, which happened in the year 2020, that is certain to give us an enhancing push in the New Year.  This way, we will be encouraged to take the upcoming endeavors while also continuing to achieve big feats.

1. The changing habits with the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about huge changes in our lifestyle patterns. We learned the value of staying clean and hygienic, washing our hands before and after meals. People started eating well, intaking healthy diets like proteins, minerals, and vitamins, consequently avoiding junk food.

We were keen on mental health and started allocating time to meditation, yoga, exercises in our daily schedule. The usage of face masks became the new normal. Social distancing taught people certain right manners and ways of communication.

2. Masking up for the greater good

There has been so much coverage this year about the coronavirus pandemic. But we, humans, acknowledged it responsibly. We cordially followed all safety guidelines, in the face of the invisible enemy called the Covid-19 virus. This way, we have managed to save millions of lives consciously and effortlessly.

20 Things That Turn The World Into A Better Place In 2020

3.Reducing pollution levels

Due to the lockdown this year, all vehicles were off the road. Consequently, pollution levels went down by an unprecedented scale. Studies suggest that global emissions were down by approximately 17 percent.

The UN Environment Program stated that this year has been extraordinary for biodiversity and nature. The air quality improved drastically. Pandemic has cleaned the skies and has inspired us to become better and do better as usual. Data also suggest that 250 million trees were planted this year, a good initiative towards re-forestation and environmental improvement.

4. Wildlife enjoyed a quiet life

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, natural wildlife got the opportunity to breathe and enjoy their own time. The human restriction has given animals separate confidence to roam around freely.

They reclaimed their space which was lost previously, due to unnecessary human invasion. The pandemic situation has managed to give these animals a huge break so that they can live freely on their terms, a life which they truly deserve.

 5. Healthcare heroes were praised

The pandemic caused thousands of deaths this year. People mourned the passing away of their near and dear ones. But at the same time, we recognized the important role played by doctors, nurses, and healthcare experts.

They were the first responders to the Coronavirus patients, risking their own lives only to serve people. We salute them for their professionalism, commitment, and dedication.

6. Women leaders

The year 2020 was a triumph for women leaders. Kamala Harris became the first female vice president of the United States, this year. The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden led nationwide efforts to eradicate the coronavirus. This way, it became the first-ever country to become COVID resilient.

 7. Black Lives Matter

In the middle of the 2020 pandemic, a large movement gathered momentum, one of international significance. After the death of George Floyd, people came down on the streets to protest against racial discrimination.

They rose their voices against police brutality dominating and thrashing people of a certain color. This movement, known as #BlackLivesMatter, was a reformist mass mobilization.

People took the effort to remake American society by improving police actions and removing bias. Policy decisions were undertaken in conjunction with the community at large and their demands.

 8. The Work from Home Revolution

The pandemic forced people to go for remote work, triggering a huge shift in the work culture. The work from home system became another new normal. Offices managed a steady economic recovery after this.

Employees also claimed to like this new work environment, being happier and more productive regarding their work. The stress of commute was completely eradicated and hence it was cost-efficient as well.

9. Internet passed through a test

As towns and cities came under a lockdown and people became homebound, they largely became dependent on the internet. The Internet became the mass, while digitized platform running across 24*7 providing us with knowledge, information, and entertainment.

Videoconferencing became an everyday routine, both for work and socialization. Messaging became regular, helping us connect with others across continents. To survive the global pandemic, we also relied heavily on social media to pass time.

10. Reconnection with the family

The pandemic and the lockdown forced us to nurture our relationship with our family members. Amidst strong social distancing protocols, this temporary new life prompted us to deepen our connections with our near and dear ones.

20 Things That Turn The World Into A Better Place In 2020

Yes, life is busy, but there is always scope for family time. These are the relationships we have always craved and 2020 helped us achieve that. Vital for our well-being, we have managed to connect with the people we desire all the time.

11. Learning to take it easy

This year is full of self-discovery for humans. The world slowed down from its busy and distracted living pattern to reliving forgotten habits and hobbies like painting, reading, gardening, cooking, dancing, and much more.

We paid attention to self-time, appreciating every small thing in life and moments in life. The lockdown also forced us to focus on self-discipline and self-improvement. It became time for soul searching and healing. It gave us moments to ponder about ourselves so that we can better the quality of our lives.

12. Exploring close places

Due to the deadly pandemic, we were forced to explore the places that are close to our residence. Despite having strict travel restrictions, the small and hidden tourist destinations were discovered and everyone planned a trip for a couple of days and then came back. Meanwhile, we have also experienced that not to take traveling for granted ever again.

13. Combatting climate crisis

Reducing pollution levels and fewer carbon emissions helped combat the ongoing climate crisis of several years. For the time, during the lockdown, human everyday life came to a standstill, thus allowing nature to replenish itself.

Nature got time to rejuvenate itself and breathe life onto us. Moreover, conscious traveling and social distancing helped to regenerate the environment, which directly impacted climactic improvement.

14. Africa became polio-free

Health authorities are almost ready to declare Africa free from the wild poliovirus. With just a single case that appeared till now, we are close to achieving a global eradication of this deadly virus.

Immunization of children continues with the polio vaccines, showing equal hope and progress in overcoming this challenging condition forever. WHO released certifications confirming that 47 countries in the African region have completely eradicated this disease and its crippling effects. Globally, the cases of the wild poliovirus have also shown a significant decline, because of international immunization.

15. Revolution in Scotland

Scotland became one of the first major countries, making a global statement by making period products free and accessible to all. This initiative was exclusively voted in favor of the Scottish Parliament.

So, the products are made available also inside public buildings without any cost. This was a positive change, where authorities are now trying to make it a nationwide scheme.

16. The US elections

One of the most successful events for the year 2020 was the elections in the United States of America. With fewer problems compared to what was expected, the huge turnout of voters surprised everyone.

Joe Biden conquered the throne, and Donald Trump lost his office. Although claims were made that rigging happened with voting ballots, no concrete evidence was there. America voted for a change, and a better one.

17. Farmer’s Protests in India

Farmers in India went on long hunger strikes to protest against the disruptive, biased laws structured/introduced by the Government. The agitation happened in different parts of India, to push the rollback of the new farm laws.

Farmers gathered from multiple states, accumulating in regions of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and blocking gateways of Delhi, willing to negotiate with authorities so that they do not have to fall at the mercy of corporates.

 18. Teachers became Gods

Whatever be the situation, education and learning cannot stop. This year proved just the same. Despite the lockdown, the schools arranged for online classes.

Teachers devised new strategies of teaching through video calls, also to keep the students engaged to their laptop screens for long hours. Yes, nothing can be compared to the conventional system of teaching, but this has been a huge success till now.

19. Mental Health became a priority

This year, the Covid-19 pandemic brought along with it a looming mental health crisis. We sat at home for months, isolated and physically distanced from our friends and relatives.

20 Things That Turn The World Into A Better Place In 2020

Gradually a healthy conversation around mental health started. People began to share their issues (anxiety, loneliness, frustration), to seek help and address them. Slowly it gains attention on the predicament of those who have silently suffered for a long time now.

20. Power of a Common Man

Yes, the times were challenging. But people have pledged to stay with each other during unprecedented times of health issues. The kindness that showered towards struggling people due to unemployment or lost their means has stood up as a highlight.


This has been an amazing mental support for the people in need. Everyone learned to adapt to the changing times and are ready to face any crisis. All this became a key to lead the resilient 2020.

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