How A Probate Lawyer Can Help You and Your Family With Your Estate Needs

Following the death of a loved one, you’re probably not looking forward to the reading of the will. It’s the final goodbye, the moment when you discover what of value was left for you by the deceased. In the course of overseeing the process of dividing a loved one’s estate, someone is usually appointed as an executor. This is to make sure that everyone gets what they are supposed to and that all financial matters are settled with both the family and the government. The probate or verification process can be complicated. Without an expert to help you, you could make a mistake – and be held liable for it.

Make It Easy on Everyone

If you’re an executor of a will or stand to be a beneficiary, you want everything to go smoothly. The best way for all sides to ensure that all bases are covered is for them to hire a probate lawyer. This kind of solicitor is well-versed in the probate process, the dividing of assets. Even though the will may clearly state who is to receive what and why, these are times when emotions run high and disagreements could occur. Probate solicitors can act as an impartial referee with legal expertise, enforcing the will as the deceased wished.

When all is said and done, the probate ordeal could take quite some time, playing out over the course of several months or even up to a year. As with any legal process, there will likely be considerable fees incurred. The burdens associated with probate might tempt beneficiaries to attempt to avoid the probate process, but this could lead to recriminations later down the line. The surest legal way to guarantee everyone gets what they are supposed to get is through probate, with the help of a lawyer.

What if There’s No Will?

However, there may be a situation when the deceased did not leave behind a will. In this case, one of the many probate solicitors london plays host to can help. Just as at those times when there is a will, people could disagree about what their relative or potential benefactor would want them to have once they died. Add to that confusion the fact that no one alive has any proof, and you can see the potential for some nasty negotiations. People will throw hearsay and accusations back and forth, and relationships may turn sour. The legal opinion of a probate lawyer will be invaluable to all involved at such times.

The mourning process is a long and involved one. If you can avoid further stress, this will make the grieving go much easier. The sooner the will is dealt with and the estate divided up, the sooner the family can move on with their lives. Also, going through probate with a solicitor’s advice and expertise can familiarise you with pitfalls to avoid in the drafting of your own will. When it comes time for your own beneficiaries to divide up your estate, shouldn’t you want them to have it easier than you did?

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