YouTube Gaming Platform

The gaming industry is blooming now. Tech giants like Microsoft, Sony and other companies innovate continuously to improve their gaming platforms and give something new and exciting to their fans. YouTube, which is typically a video sharing company, also decided to contribute their fair share towards the gaming industry and launched “YouTube Gaming” initiative.

What is YouTube Gaming About?

The YouTube gaming is a website and mobile app primarily designed to view all the YouTube’s gaming content at one place. You can view dedicated pages of any game and follow the updates, check walkthroughs and view live streaming.

This is very much similar to Twitch – an Amazon owned platform which has almost the same capabilities as the YouTube gaming. But since YouTube gaming is Google’s platform, we can expect it to be a little better and improved than the Twitch.

Key Features of YouTube Gaming

More than 25,000 Featured Pages

Are you a Call of Duty fan? Or maybe you prefer the League of Legends? Well each game has its own dedicated page. Each page will show you videos related to the game and live streaming. You can also add title to your collection for an easy access.

There is good news for casino fans too! The YouTube gaming platform is going to take gaming platform to higher level by adding more games such as online casinos which will help player earn money while playing their favorite games. In no time we will be able to play right from our phones online casino games which will set forward a new concept of game. We estimate that online gambling industry leaders like Mansion Group- will launch an innovative mobile app which will rock the online casino industry and you will be able play right from your phone, to follow all the updates, watch tutorials and get instant tips. Until then, you can enjoy a variety of online casino games– visit Mansion Casino and take advantage of the practice mode, no money involved.

Search for any game

You can browse and subscribe to your favorite game channels. The best part is that when you search for a game, the results displayed will not be a cooking recipe;they will show you only gaming results.

Live Streaming

This is where YouTube gaming is targeting its rival, Twitch. With the live streaming option, you can view videos at high 60fps frame rate, plus the application will automatically convert the streaming to YouTube videos. A single link will also allow you to share all your streams.

Can you make money from it?

Yes you definitely can! The live streams can feature adverts through which you can make some easy bucks.

How Will It Impact Gaming Industry?.

Visit the YouTube gaming official website and subscribe to your favorite game pages now, chat with other gamers and become a part of the biggest gaming community. The YouTube gaming app is now available on both Android and iOS.

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