A Perfect Amalgamation Of Style & Comfort- Ballerinas!!

A Perfect Amalgamation Of Style & Comfort- Ballerinas!!

They say a man’s persona is often judged by the shoes he wears! If you adorn your feet with a pair of ballerinas- for sure you are one of those who strongly believe in the ideology of comfort first, style second! Today you can have both and while your feet rest well, you look stunning & cool. Ballerinas offer the best cushion to your feet and they remain always happy, not bugging you with aches & pain. All of that combines with laces, embellishments, beads, frills, stones to give them the ultra -cool makeover so that you look flatteringly amazing where ever you go! Gone are the days when ballerinas were just plain simple ones with single colours and devoid of any accessories on them.  Our extra-ordinarily creative fashionist as of this century are giving it a fashion twist, implementing novel concepts while still ensuring the same level of comfort.

Our culture & traditions have great influence on what we wear, eat and our mannerisms. India’s cultural diversity is absolutely awe inspiring. The kind of diversity found within a cluster of villages in a particular region itself is just amazing! Ballerinas do come from the west but we do have our own version of it –our very own jootis!Mostly prevalent in Rajasthan & Gujarat, these traditional footwear available in vibrant colours with intricate handwork of embroidery & glass embellishments.They go incredibly well with sarees, lehengas, long skirts, churidars kurta and even on jeans & kurta. Have you notices everything in our culture is so full of colour, extremely vibrant and full of verve? This is symbolic of the fact that we have deep reverence for every culture & tradition and we all can stay as one!!

 Topping the fashion charts are the ballerinas- blending the styles of east & west. Fusion is the new buzz word in the market and everyone is embracing the mix & match culture. The ordinary millennial today is seen flaunting the traditional jooti even with a shorts& tee and it looks chic!! So the  western ballerinas are coupled with Indain style embroideries to give it a new twist and people are loving it. So next weekend you can do a DIY project- transform a European style ballerina into a bohemian rustic looking one or an Indian jooti into a classy Russian ballerina- let your creative juices flow and make your own creation!

Tired of foot aches, rubbed heels –go for ballerina shoes online shopping in India.  Explore from the whole gamut of ballerina shoes online in India. So when you are done number crunching on those excel sheets for the day treat yourself with a pair of sweet ballerinas- indulge into ballerinas onlineshopping in India. No time to go out and shop? Be hassle free, buy ballerinas online in India from the vast collection of American Swan reflecting the classy American style and made to perfection to comfort your feet! Tag those dainty ballerinas with ladies casual shirts and you are ready rock anything from a meeting to a party !!

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