Top 9+ Websites That Will Help You To Cope With Homework

Let’s be honest for a second. Going to school is not the easiest thing in the world and then you have to still work on your homework after school is done. It can become very overwhelming for many students, but there are ways and means that can make your life easier. There are many benefits to having the internet and technology advancing. We are able to find help with the issues we have. If you are in school, you would probably appreciate some help with that dreaded homework.

You can also find help as a parent, because homework can be difficult to help with. There are websites you can visit to help you at times like these. Students need all the help they can get with school and homework alike. Today, we are going to focus on those website that can be a potential physics problem solver and all the other homework needs you have.

Khan Academy

This is one of the best resources you can find online to help with homework. What we love about this website is that it provides free education for all. The non-profit offer a variety of educational videos to help with just about anything. You can find help with your maths and figure out some physics homework answers. On Khan Academy, you can find solutions for all your homework questions, because the videos are paced well. Whatever subject you are struggling with, you can find a video to cover that module.

BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper

A great website started by father and son, many years ago. This website has grown so much over the years and it started with a simple concept of a dad teaching his son how to build a website. You can find resources for every subject, in any grade. We are talking about anything from learning a language, to your more difficult calculus problems. If you think about where this started and where it is now, this is definitely a website the father and son duo can be proud of. With more than 10 years of accumulated resources, there is nothing you cannot find on this website.

Parent Toolkit

Even though the name suggests that this website is for parental use only, every student can benefit from using it. This website focusses on Maths and English only, which are the two subjects many students struggle with. Without proper English, you might limit yourself and your future career. We see so many student who still make grammar mistakes and as a society, we have become so oblivion about it. This is going to help you with all your essays, which requires no spelling and grammar mistakes. Of course, we always welcome any help with maths. This is a great and resourceful website for all students.

Study Geek

If you are struggling with your math homework, you will probably want to check out Study Geek. I know when I do my physics homework, the maths section is what throws me out. Seeing as this website focusses on mathematics only, you can be assured that most concepts and calculations are included in the library. What we like about this website is the fact that every problem is explained in detail and not much is left to figure out yourself. All that would be required after using this website, is to continue to practice the solutions on your own.

Hippo Campus

If there was a winner for the nicest way of teaching, this website would win. The way they did this website is beautiful and all the bright animations and videos is on the highest quality. This website is for middle school and upwards. With over 5000 videos on this website, you are sure to find a solution to your homework problems. That is a lot of education you can use, even on days when you are bored. Who does not enjoy watching videos? You can even watch videos about the math behind the barcode, or just good facts to know. General knowledge is going to serve you well in the long run. Data is collected from various academic institutions for your benefit.


This is one of the best websites for students out there and have formed relationships with various institutions to bring free education to learners. The website is easy to navigate and students can quickly find what they are looking for. Now you can relax and get your homework done quickly. The amount of information is so much that the average student can learn about any subject. There are many levels of each subject, which can help the beginner as well as the advanced. The best part of this website is that it is staying up to date with the latest developments.

Open Culture

ELearning is becoming very popular these days and with good reason. Not everyone can afford the high cost of education. This website offers many online courses for students, which are gathered from colleges and universities. You can learn a skill in just about anything. This is a great help for college and university students. Learning online has many benefits and one of the best is the convenience of learning at home. Many students do not have the time that goes with traditional learning and this is a magnificent option for those.

Academic Earth

With a ground breaking concept, you cannot go wrong with this website for eLearning. All learners should have the right to education and this is exactly what Academic Earth is doing. Access to this website is easy and students living in poverty can now also get the best education through this website. There is so much help for students with homework problems. If you understand how to navigate this website, you will never turn away again.

This website is great and offers more than 3000 qualified tutors. Sometimes you need someone to give you individual attention and this is where you are going to find it. You can find anything from academic tutors, to people giving you career advice. It does not get any better than this and the concept is great, because you know that this website can be trusted.


There is so much help available to students, but many times students are not aware of this help. That is why lists like these are so important to give some kind of guidance in the right direction. You do not have to suffer trying to figure out a complicated equation anymore. Simple go to one of these websites and do a search for what you need help with. It is as easy as that and you can get that help from the comfort of your own home. Instead of paying for someone to help you with your homework, choose one of the free options. This will save you money and energy. Students who want to do well at school will go out and find as many resources as possible and it is available to you. Help is on the way, so go visit one of these websites today. Good luck with your educational journey and I wish you all the success in the world.

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