Top 5 Teaching Trends that Are Gaining Popularity

Top 5 Teaching Trends that Are Gaining Popularity

When I started schooling, it was pretty much about attending classes, reading textbooks and sitting exams. You would find that not many students would get excited at the thought of having to attend school. However, over time, the education sector is changing and adapting to the technological advances.

It is all due to the need to boost the engagement levels of students and success. In this article, we will cover the trends that are gaining ground in the education sector. You can go through it as you look at the pharmacy school personal statement.

  1. Gamification

In Gamification, the teachers need to gamify their lessons. In that, they structure it using game-like features. When you play a game, on your phone or computer, you earn a point(s) in each level.

The same applies to this trend. Here, the students earn points, eggs, or badges. It replaces the conventional technique of obtaining of grades. You can design your lessons into different levels and assign students with scores depending on the criterion used.

It is an attempt to make learning personalized to each person. It helps the teacher to make learning interactive and engaging to the student.

  1. Video-Based Learning

This technique provides students with a platform to customize their learning. It is also an effective means of delivering content. Many institutions are incorporating video learning into their lessons.

It helps students to connect with the content while providing comfort at the same time. You will notice that there is an increase in video assignments, peer collaboration or even discussions via videos, in various institutions of learning.

  1. Online Learning

While searching for personal statement for pharmacy school, on the web, you will notice that there is a significant number of advertisements on online learning opportunities. There is an increase in the number of online learning startups and service providers.

It is to the extent that they are now fostering partnerships with accredited institutions. You currently don’t have to travel to a particular facility, to partake of their courses. You can do this from home.

  1. Private Tutor

In a classroom setting, every student grasps the content in different levels. Tutorship can be applied in different models, home-based or on-site location. The latter is where there is a center that’s dedicated to teaching the students various subjects, outside of the classroom.

Adopting the personalized approach to learning helps to close the mastery gaps faced in the classroom. Also, the student can even move ahead if they have mastered a certain level. Students become more receptive to learning and are engaged in the lessons.

  1. Blended Learning

It is a method that combines the conventional learning techniques with the modern ones. It supplements the face-to-face instructions in a classroom with online learning materials that are of high quality. As a teacher, you will be able to allow your students to learn online while you keep track of their grades, assessments, and attendance.

There are many free tools and apps available to achieve this, e.g., Google Classroom, Wikispaces, Schoology, etc. This trend enhances the delivery of content in the classroom, and also helps to meet the needs of individual students.


As an educator, it is ideal to familiarize yourself with the above trends in the education sector. If you are yet to incorporate any in your lessons, then, it is time to consider it. After all, you aim to boost literacy among the students while encouraging engagement and success too.

Go through the article, incorporate them into your teaching strategy before you set on finding the ideal pharmacy personal statement sample, for your needs.

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