Clear Eyes, Full Heart; 5 Reasons Why Eye Protection Is Necessary

Clear Eyes, Full Heart; 5 Reasons Why Eye Protection Is Necessary

Your eyesight is extremely important, and with the proper safety in the workspace, you can protect your vision. Safety devices such as goggles or visors can prevent a variety of eye injuries that will reduce your vision or make you blind. Here are the reasons for protecting your eyes while working. WIthout the correct protection for your eyes, you and your employer could be in violation of OSHA Standards and Policies and that is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Eye Protection 1: Protection From Sparks

If you work as a welder, then you will create hot flying sparks while you are using welding tools. These sparks can hit your eyeball, causing severe damage that can destroy your vision. While working with welding equipment, you must wear protective eye goggles or a helmet that has a visor to pull down over your eyes.

Eye Protection 2: Protection From Ultraviolet Rays

When you are working outside, you must protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, then make sure to have lenses that become darker in sunlight. When you wear contact lenses or don’t require eyeglasses, you should still have high-quality sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from the ultraviolet rays can prevent eye cancer.

Eye Protection 3: Protection From Projectiles

If you work in construction or manufacturing, then you must protect your eyes from dangerous flying projectiles. Workers in these occupations have a risk of an eye injury from flying wood splinters or nails. While working in manufacturing, you should wear protective eye goggles and a helmet.

Eye Protection 4: Protection From Eyestrain

Safety in the workspace includes preventing eyestrain while working on computers or small objects. If you spend the majority of your day focusing on a computer’s screen in an office or on tiny parts in a manufacturing plant, then you can develop eyestrain that damages your vision.

Eye Protection 5: Protection From Chemicals

If a volatile chemical splashes into your eyes, then you risk a chemical burn that can destroy your vision. It is vital to wear a protective visor and goggles while working with any type of chemical, including paint and solvents. Not only will these protective devices protect your delicate eyeball, but also, you will prevent any damage to the areas around the eye such as the eyelid.

Who Pays For Protective Eye Equipment?

In some cases, an employer is responsible for supplying visors or goggles for your eyes while you work. Alternatively, you may need to buy your own safety equipment for your eyes, but you can often request a deduction for these items on your tax forms each year.

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