Should I Hire Seasonal Workers After The Holidays?

Should I Hire Seasonal Workers After The Holidays?

Holiday shopping is the bread and butter for many retail stores across America. This huge increase in sales necessitates the need for more employees. Many stores hire seasonal employees that are expected to work through the holiday season and then will be let go. However, some of these seasonal employees go on to be full-time workers. The holidays give employers the chance to try many employees without committing. But should you hire employees after the holidays?

Should I Hire Seasonal Workers After The Holidays?

Did You Lose Any Employees During the Holidays?

The holidays can be one of the most hectic times of the year not only at work, but at home as well. Chances are you will lose at least one full-time or part-time employee during the holidays. Once the rush is over, consider your current workforce and whether or not you need to hire on some of the seasonal workers. These workers will already be trained and will eliminate the need to look for and train more workers. This can save you company a lot of money.

Did Any Seasonal Employees Stand Out?

Sometimes you may not necessarily be in dire need of more employees, but there were workers that caught your attention. These hard workers are definitely worth a shot, especially if you can look at your software and see great attendance records and sales performances. After all, you may have at least one employee that you keep around simply to keep your hours covered. The seasonal employee may be a good replacement.

Does Your Company Need More Workers?

While you may want to bring on some of the season employees, you have to question whether or not they are needed. Do you need full-time workers or even part-time workers? It doesn’t do any good to hire workers that you don’t need, even if they are fantastic employees. Instead, take the time to write up referral letters so the workers have a better chance at finding employment.

What’s the Outlook for Future Business?

If you know your business will rise and fall throughout the new year, consider keeping on the best employees as on-call workers. Sometimes the employees may be needed part-time or even full-time and other times they may not be needed at all. However, during a poor economy, any work will be appreciated.

You’ll see a lot of good and a lot of bad seasonal employees during the holidays. While many are there just to make extra cash for the holidays, some are looking for long-term employment. When the holidays are over, carefully consider whether or not your company needs more workers. This could be a great opportunity to hire more employees without all the hassle.

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