Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Car Expenses

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Car Expenses

Regulating the expenses of your car is as important as owning it. In this recession period, whatever be the amount of the money you can save, but it matters a lot. A pound saved is a pound earned. Here are some useful tips for you to cut the unnecessary maintenance costs of your car.

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Car Expenses

Regular Service:

Strictly adhering to the schedule for servicing your vehicle according to the specifications given in the car manual will keep your long-term maintenance charges in check. A vehicle that missed out on its regular session of tuning-up can burn 20 to 30 % more fuel; adding on to that is depreciated life span of the engine’s components. So, do not hesitate for the $100 tune-up and it will save you much more in future.

Drive Steadily:

The more acceleration and braking you do, the more you burn the gas. So, drive at a steady speed; if you have to increase the speed, do it slowly. Avoid the fast lane if you want to save fuel. Once you cross the 60 mph mark, the fuel consumption of your vehicle increases abruptly.

Say No To Premium:

Do not pay extra bucks for premium gas. It does not pay. Even heavy vehicles like trains run on ordinary gas. The premium gas has high content of Octane, which is only necessary if your car’s engine has a power hungry super-charger. Most engines come with an inbuilt sensor that adjusts itself automatically for the Octane levels. Better read your car’s manual about the fuel type it needs.

Air Filter:

Clean the air filter each month and replace it whenever necessary. Just by doing this, you can save a hundred dollars every year. Automotive experts say that 12% of the mileage is decreased due to an unclean filter.


Do not depend on your mechanic for silly tasks. Doing some simple tasks by yourself can save you good amount of money. Use the resources on the Internet to learn doing simple jobs like changing the motor oil and fixing a new headlight in place of the broken one. While doing these tasks yourself, you will also choose to buy low-priced and value-for money products. This could save you more than $300 a year.

Keep an Eye on the Tyre Pressure:

Have an idea about what the ideal pressure for your car’s tire is and ensure that it is always maintained. The Environment Protection Agency says that if the tires’ pressure is just 2 Pounds per Square Inch less than the prescribed value, the mileage drops significantly. Also, the pressure varies according to the climate and the condition of the road.

Ask for Rebuilt Parts:

If need arises that a part has to be replaced with a new one, ask you mechanic if there are any rebuilt parts available. These are moderately used parts that were replaced, and they will serve your need. A new transmission may cost you around $2000, whereas a rebuilt one comes for around $1000. If you are lucky, you may find a part that carries the warranty.

No Unnecessary Air-Cooling:

If you have a habit of turning on the air-conditioner as soon as you start your car, stop it immediately. Use this feature only when the weather is extreme. Some sweating is good for body as it sends out the toxins.

Follow all the above tips and you will see that you saved a good sum of money just after a few months. Maintaining your car’s fuel-efficiency and less emissions also do your part of contribution in keeping the planet green? I hope the government puts more efforts in educating people on this – like conducting classes on proper vehicle maintenance before the issue of driving licence UK.

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