5 Characteristics Of Successful Family Lawyers

Building a successful practice requires many characteristics, some of which include integrity, a drive for betterment and learning a very specific skill set. In this article we highlight some of the key characteristics that successful family lawyers have.

A Drive To Succeed

The key word in this is commitment. It is defined as a state in which an individual is bounded by intellect and emotion towards achieving a goal. Successful lawyers have the ability to stay focused on one task, completing it no matter what the odds are, and then moving on to the next challenge.


Competence is a prerequisite for success not only for lawyers, but for any professional field of work. Every successful family lawyer has a drive for learning and then mastering the unique set of skills required to bring about a distinctive outcome. With an increase in skills, the lawyer gains self-confidence and can put this forward to the client ultimately charging a higher price for services with an exceptional set of skills.

Building Communities

Family lawyers primarily work on trust. Trust is built through extensive participation in the local community and showing an interest in the lives of others. This way a lawyer can give back to the community as well as established an excellent reputation among the residents of the society.

Trust goes a long way when it comes to people spending large sums of money for legal services. Lawyers with a good reputation will be able to charge a higher monetary sum and will also attract more clients.

Communication Skills

50% of how successful you are at your job is determined by how you sell your job. Successful practitioners know how to market their skills to the general public. And a good chunk of the market involves communication skills. Good family lawyers exhibit excellent communication skills and charisma to reel in customers. The concept of a stick message can help lawyers in this regard.

A sticky message will be the one that makes a great impact on the receiver and is easily interpretable to the receiver. Successful lawyers put forward messages that stick so everybody comprehends what they do, the worth they give and who can benefit from their administration.

Effective Professionals Have A “Customer-Driven” Practice.

Making and keeping up a customer focused practice is crucial for growing a successful practice. A customer-focused methodology requires a lawyer to convey superior services and value for money to clients. This implies knowing the needs, diversions and objectives of your customers and conveying excellent results. The quickest approach to growing a practice is through informal promoting. This will happen if customers have a positive involvement with your administration.

We see that the five “C’s” for growing an effective family law practice include:

  • Commitment
  • Community
  • Competence
  • Communication
  • Client-centric focus

Hence, to make a practice successful come not only from experience, but also from learning from the experience. Above all, building a good family practice requires trust of the community that you live in.

Ryan Connelly is a professional writer who works in association with DJP Solicitors. He also gives lectures on the law in some of the top universities in Scotland.

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