Tips On Collecting Silver Coins While The Market Is Down

Many people are still investing in silver even though the price of silver are far lower today that it was just a few years ago. The silver market often fluctuates, and just because it is down now doesn’t mean it will stay down.

The problem with investing in silver, rather than gold which is up much higher, is that when you buy it from dealers you are going to be paying more than the market value. They need to cover their costs from the U.S. Mint so you pay more.

There are other ways to find silver if you want to start a little investment, however, that don’t require you to pay a ton over market value. Coin collecting, in general, can also be a fun hobby.

Look At Ebay

Ebay may be overlooked by many people, but if you want to find some decent deals on silver, you can do it by buying and bidding online. This type of silver is often referred to as “junk” silver since it comes in the form of coins.

Looking online you may find single silver coins for sale or even coins in a lot. Make sure you know what coins have what amount a silver content before investing though.

Watch Your Change From The Store

You want quarters and dimes that are dated 1964 or older for silver content. So, if you are someone that does your laundry at the laundromat you may want to check the dates before dropping them in the washer or dryer.

It may seem tedious to check the dates on every quarter and dime that crosses your hands, but if you get a good amount of them collected chances are you’ll have a good deal of money for trading in when silver prices do go back up.

Do Overlook Auctions And Estate Sales

You never know what goodies you’ll find at auctions and estate sales. Silver collectors come in all kinds. You’re likely to come across some collector silver coins or collectible bars.

If you’re lucky you’ll find them at a bargain. You may even come across them at rummage sales. With silver prices being down some people may feel they are worthless to have laying around and just want to get rid of that excess clutter. Their loss, your gain.

Collecting coins can be fun to do anyhow, but if you’re going to do it you may as well collect some with silver that may be worth a little something more some day. If you do find some other coins with older dates on them you can also hold onto them as well and take them to a coin dealer. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a real gem!

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