Food & Wine Pairing: Thinking Outside The Box


Being alive should be synonymous with indulging yourself in dozens of flavors and smells that foods and wines bring. Although traditional meals and drinks have their precious value, we should also try to broaden our horizons and treat ourselves to unique pairs of meals and wines. This is why we have prepared some interesting combinations, so prepare your taste buds and join us on this sommelier-gourmet journey.

Fruit-based Salads and Rose

Salads that combine fruit and other sweet or even savory ingredients have conquered the world over the last few decades. Hyped by new-age diet trends, fruit salads have become an inevitable part of restaurant menus throughout the world, especially during the scorching summer months. Since the chemical composition of fruit is not too friendly towards acid wines, you might think that it cannot be combined with wine at all. However, there is a perfect wine partner for fruity salads and its name is rosé. Its sweet flavor is a perfect match for the sugary structure of fruit. For instance, if you decide to make a divine salad with strawberries and hazelnuts, it should definitely be accompanied by the Rosé of Malbec. Also, sparkling wines have proven to be a great wine match for fruit salads.

Food & Wine Pairing: Thinking Outside The Box

Creams with Sparkling Wine

The dessert is that that special part of lunch that makes the whole eating experience a real pleasure. It sometimes seems that lunches and dinners are only appetizers before the treat of the night – the dessert. And when it comes do desserts, most of them are creamy beauties based on milk and other dairy ingredients. Custards, pies and ice creams are only some of the most popular creamy desserts. They require adequate wine pairing, of course. Never pair heavy, red wines with such products, because their acidity will only give you heartburn. Sweet desserts yearn to be paired with sweet sparkling wines. It can be prosecco, champagne or any other sparkling or sweet wine. After all, the classy spectators in Wimbledon eat strawberries with cream and drink champagne. Read more about their habits and wining/dining stats here.

Roasted Veggies Like Both White and Red

Vegetables can be made in hundreds of ways, but you need to apply special cooking strategies if you want to make them in a wine-friendly way. Roasting a team of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower to give them a caramelized shield is a perfect way to make your veggies ready for various wines. You can go for Chenin Blanc or maybe even Sauvignon Blanc. This type of white wine specials commonly pair well with semi-sweet veggies, but you could also try to taste some of earthy reds with your blasted veggies.

Food & Wine Pairing: Thinking Outside The Box

Mediterranean Partner for the Reds

One of the most positive trends of globalization is the opportunity to learn more about cuisines from different corners of the globe. If you want to try one of those unusual meals that have become well-known recently, you must feel the divine taste of the tapenade. Made from olives, caper and other ingredients, depending on the recipe, this gorgeous Mediterranean dip is a perfect choice for enjoying slow summer evenings on your balcony. Due to its salty and full taste, its perfect are tannic red wines.

The main precondition for the pleasure that wine and food bring is not limiting yourself to old-school meal combinations. Today you can find many recipes and blogs where people share their experiences and ideas on wines and meals. Life should be a blend of excitement and enjoyment, so feel free to taste various combinations from different parts of the world. By doing so, you will keep discovering new combinations of food and wine and enrich your life as a whole.

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