Is Massage Therapy Good For Golfers?

Golf has often thought of as a mental sport, one that requires the brain to work more than the body. But now opinions have changed as both golfers and others are coming to realize that the body plays a big role in becoming a great golfer. More specifically, having a strong upper body is now seen as important.

This is true for both competitive and recreational golfers. Developing a stronger body means lifting and strengthening the core muscles in other ways too. If you do not do this, you may become more prone to getting an injury. You can also become injured if you use improper techniques, especially during your swing. Rotating your body for the swing requires that your whole body work together. Training yourself to do this can take time and you may get sore muscles in the process. That’s one reason why you may be considering getting massage therapy. But is massage therapy actually good for golfers?

The simple answer is yes. Massage can have several benefits both for improving upon soreness and improving your flexibility in your golf game. A deep tissue massage in particular can help to elongate your muscles and provide pretty immediate relief.

There are particular areas of the upper body which are most likely to become trouble spots for golfers. Areas that often become sore include the neck, around the head, and around the shoulder blades. Other areas are often tense, inflamed, or contracted, including the forearms, hands, and rotator cuff muscles all used for gripping the golf club and for the rotation during the swing. As well, the movement of particular muscles and joints in the lower back can cause spinal misalignment, which can become painful. Massage therapy in Victoria can be used to lessen the soreness and stiffness in these areas.

On top of those areas, parts of the lower body can also be affected negatively by golf. Muscles of the hip can be affected by the rotation of the swing, and your hamstring, calves, and feet can become sore, tight, or otherwise uncomfortable for you during and after your golf game. Fortunately, all of these areas can be addressed with massage therapy in Victoria.

There are a few techniques in particularly that can be used on golfers. For instance, on the lower back your massage therapist may use a twisting stretch and deep friction. On the shoulder blades, deep tissue massage is particularly helpful.

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