5 Tips To Keep In Mind For Your First Plastic Surgery Consultation

5 Tips To Keep In Mind For Your First Plastic Surgery Consultation

Deciding to have a plastic surgery procedure to improve your appearance is an important matter that requires some thought and research. Your physician will be able to advise on the best procedures for your needs and will explain the surgery in detail. Your part in the consultation is to ask questions that will allow you to help provide the best outcome for your surgery.

1 -Your Surgeon’s Credentials Are Important

You should do a bit of research on the plastic surgeon that will be performing your surgery. However, public information is not always accurate, and you may have to rely on other sources, such as personal referrals. Your consultation will help to gather further information, such as where the surgeon trained, whether the surgeon is board certified, how many procedures he or she has done, whether complications have occurred and other questions. A surgeon that has considerable experience in doing the type of surgery you want can help to assure the success of your procedure. Generally, surgeons have images of before and after surgery to give patients an idea of what outcomes they can expect.

2 – Your State of Health Can Affect Surgery

The plastic surgeon will ask a number of questions to determine whether any health issues could after your surgery. Conditions such as smoking, breastfeeding or taking certain medications can affect surgery, and your physician will advise you on what you can do to minimize any risks.

3 – You Should Have Specific Goals in Mind

All patients bring their own wants and needs to a plastic surgery consultation. You should have a clear idea of what improvements you wish to make. In some cases, patients want a number of procedures. You should have a clear idea of the changes you wish to make so that your surgeon can understand what is needed. The physician can then provide clear information about the procedures and what you can expect in the course of your treatment for them.

4 – Some Surgeries Require Significant Recovery Time

The surgeon will explain the surgical procedure in detail to make sure you understand what it entails. He or she will also provide information about recovery time and what you will be expected to do to ensure proper healing after the procedure. In some procedures, such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck or liposuction, proper recovery will require that you take time off from work or avoid strenuous exercise for a period of time. Your physician will provide specific details and instructions for your type of procedure.

5 – Your Expectations Should Be Reasonable

Plastic surgery is not a magic bullet that can make radical alterations. You should be realistic in what you expect the surgery to do for your appearance. The physician will provide information on the extent of change you will see and determine if additional procedures are needed to provide the results you have in mind.

Your first plastic surgery consultation can be an informative and exciting experience when you are prepared to have a serious discussion with your physician. Keep these facts in mind and you will be ready to begin the journey to an improved appearance.

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