Get Faster, Sexier, Leaner, Stronger, Leaner, And Recover Quicker With These Delightful Picks.

Get Faster, Sexier, Leaner, Stronger, Leaner, And Recover Quicker With These Delightful Picks.

IT’S TRUE. We all really are what we eat and drink. And that’s why in some days we wind up feeling like a cream stuffed Twinkie as opposed to that fine cut of beef we wish for.

I bet you already know this and that’s why like the rest of us, you are more than likely trying to overcome this habit and begin eating healthy. The sad truth though, is that`s not adequate. If you are indulging yourself on bananas, salads and apples made from iceberg lettuce, you could be eating healthy but you aren’t eating smart

If your goal is to have a body that you could be proud of ( the rock hard abs, unquenchable libido, lightning quick brain and the thunderous arms) then you will  need to make sure  that every bite of what you take counts. This entails planning your diet around the most powerful, muscle growing foods, disease –resisting, nutrients dense foods around.

At first you may contemplate excluding carbs from your diet, however it is not always the healthiest solution to eating – particularly if you are also exercising. Jon Denoris, a fitness coach, is an advocate of what she calls `nutrient timing`- eating the ideal meals at the right time.

She recommends eating whole, unprocessed, foods as many times as you can. If your diet is protein rich such as high grade fish and meat, important fats such as  nuts, coconut oils and avocados; whole foods like quinoa and brown rice -that  have a low GI rating should be included in your diet. In instances where the food has a label then you will need to be cautious and if you can’t pronounce or recognize the ingredients then avoid eating such  foods.

Stick to your current diet

A common blunder that many people do is to dump their healthy eating plans prior to seeing the results. Jon Denoris suggests convincing others to be a part of you – or surrounding yourself with helpful people. You should likewise only begin a diet program when your life feels somewhat stable.

Make your carbohydrates flexible

This  means taking more good carbs like root and green vegetables, at the right time. It’s advisable to take more carbohydrates early in the morning to give it more time to change it into energy thus helping your body fuel more effectively and efficiently. On top of that eat starchy carbs  like rice and potatoes after  workouts. This will enable your body to have the energy, to recover and to reduce insulin spikes. Note that  anytime your diet is devoid of carbohydrates, your glycogen levels go down quickly and you enter  a phase called ketosis-a situation where the body burns ketone properties to avert draining protein levels in the muscles and instead utilizes energy from the fat stores. To mitigate against  this you need to familiarize yourself with keto recipes which will help you know which foods to take at what times

Rest days

 On those days you aren’t taking any work outs, it’s advisable to substitute carbohydrates with good fats like seeds, nuts and avocado.

Foods promoting sleep

Consuming certain foods during the night help you to sleep. Such foods include cottage cheese, bananas, nut butters, turkey, and salmon all have tryptophan- an amino acid which changes to melatonin

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