Is Facebook Replacing Food Review Websites?

Even before electronic media got a boost courtesy of the advent of the internet, the print media used to chug out restaurant reviews every other day. These reviews could make or break a restaurant; even the most accomplished chefs would dread a bad newspaper review. Once electronic media became common, this task got transferred to food review websites.

Recently, however, there has been another shift in trend. Facebook is now replacing food review websites. It makes it easier for people to look up any restaurant of their choice on Facebook, where they find customer reviews and user ratings, as well as comments about almost all items on their choice restaurant’s menu. Here’s why we think this change has come.

Facebook is hassle-free

With Facebook, all you need to do is search for the restaurant you want to visit. It immediately provides a link to their official Facebook page where you can find a menu, customer reviews and ratings, and even pictures of all the food it offers. All this makes it easier for a customer to research the restaurant before paying it a visit, as opposed to visiting a review website and sifting through a lot of information to get what you need.

Facebook can measure the popularity of any restaurant

With Facebook, any potential visitor first checks the number of likes a restaurant’s page has. The more the likes, the more confident they can be about visiting. When more people like a restaurant’s official page, it proves its credibility and reliability to the customers waiting to visit. Number of likes can make such a lasting impression that some restaurants even  Buy Likes to make their pages seem more popular.

People can relate to Facebook Reviews

For the average consumer, the reviews posted on food websites can often seem lengthy and a little daunting to read. As those reviews are written by professionals, the average customer may not be able to relate to them. The reviews posted on Facebook, in contrast, are posted by people. A consumer can relate to other people much better than they can to a food critic. The language used on Facebook reviews is simple and conveys the message in a straightforward manner. Each user gets multiple reviews for each restaurant, and that gives them a better idea of the overall opinion about it. There are also multiple ratings for each restaurant to be found on their official Facebook page.

Everyone uses Facebook

Merely the fact that Facebook is a lot more accessible has done the trick for it. With so many people frequenting Facebook, it is easier to look for your restaurant’s page, rather than looking for a credible food review website. On Facebook you can find all the details you need without having to hunt hard for them.

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