Easily Find & Read New Comics With the Best Comic Apps

Easily Find & Read New Comics With the Best Comic Apps

The world of comics is yours to explore with all the comic books you could ever want or need right at your fingertips. Read comics online from virtually any publisher with the best comic reading apps. So, get comfortable in your chair and enjoy your next comic adventure. 

Are you eager to read the latest chapters of your favorite comics or want to discover new ones? Read comics by top publishers like DC, Marvel, Aspen, Dark Horse and Archie comics. Find famous comics like One Punch Man and Midtown and video game spin-offs like Overwatch Comics and TF2!

I think we live in an age where a comic fan can get his favorite reads easier than ever before and that’s great. No matter if you’re on a lookout for the next Spiderman issue or you want to check out what the “new guys” are working on, there’s a way. To further help you out, here’s a top 10 list of the current best apps for reading comics according to users. You can easily check features, what people think and everything else to make your choice easier. I used it for this article and it did make my job a bit easier.

Best 10 Apps For Reading Comics by AppGrooves

Marvel Unlimited for the ultimate Marvel fan

Are you a Marvel fan? Access more than 20,000 of Marvel’s best comics with Marvel Unlimited. Embrace your inner superhero and get ready for some epic adventures. Need help choosing a comic? Use editor guides for help finding the right genre for you. Follow all your favorite heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Wolverine and more! With over 70 years’ worth of Marvel’s comics, all comic book fans will find something to love. Download your favorite issues and read them anywhere and anytime!

DC Comics for the amazing world of DC

Find yourself searching for DC comics all over the internet? I was surprised how you can get all your favorite comics straight from the publisher right on your phone! With thousands of issues to choose from, you’ll never need to look anywhere else. There’s a search bar to find your favorites or narrow the selection by genre and series. Every comic is displayed in full-page spreads, just like the real thing! It is like taking your paper comic with you right in your front pocket. Do you own multiple devices? Access the library from your phone, tablet or computer for extra convenience!

I’ll save you some hassle and help you out, both with Marvel and DC. I found an article that lists the current most popular apps for reading comics from the two giants in the industry. Here’s the article I found on the same site as the top 10 list if you need more specific apps.

DC & Marvel Comics Apps

Madefire Comics & Motion Books for innovative storytelling

Ready for an experience that will blow your mind? Madefire Comics & Motion Books combines graphic novels, motion books, and comics into one innovative reading experience. Immerse yourself in epic adventures with books that bring the action to you. Every story is a completely different experience, with music, sound effects, 360 panoramic views and motion transport too! You will always have something to read, with loads of great content you can download and take with you to read offline. Enjoy stories from top companies like Marvel, DC, Top Cow and Liquid, and discover cool indie publishers that bring new storylines and characters you’ll love. When it comes to storytelling, Madefire Comics & Motion Books is ahead of its time.

LINE WEBTOON for the latest comics

LINE WEBTOON is great if you want a personalized comic reading experience full of innovative features. With a library of over 7,000 comics and new titles added daily, expand your comics knowledge and discover amazing series you will love. Follow your favorites and get notified when the next issue is out! All comics are available for free and you can access them online at any time. Going on a long plane ride? Download content onto your phone and read your favorite series offline! 

Whether you prefer mainstream publishers like DC and Marvel Comics or indie comics, you’ll always find great options you’ll love. Browse through a wide selection of comics and enter a world of unlimited adventure with the best apps for reading comics. So, experience comics like never before, with your favorite series available anytime and anywhere right in your front pocket.

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