Learn to Moisturize Appropriately

Learn to Moisturize Appropriately

When it comes to moisturizing most people just cover their skin up with a lot of moisturizers and that is it. It is quite simple. They come in tubes and jars and you need to slather it on your skin once or twice daily. But using it in the wrong way can reduce its effectiveness. Other than not letting your skin become dry, it won’t do anything. And a moisturizer is not only meant for that. It has many nourishing properties which help make your skin soft and supple. When you use your moisturizer in the wrong way all these properties won’t have any effect on your skin.

When you use your moisturizer in the correct way it creates a long-lasting protective layer of moisture o your skin prevents the dullness and flaking of your skin and also boosts the hydration of your skin. You can even buy an organic face cream online, as the proper usage of the face cream will reduce the effects of aging. Even if you think that you are doing everything right, you might get surprised by some of the tips we have in store for you. You will be shocked by the results of moisturizing correctly.

Correct Shopping

The first thing that you will need is a good moisturizer or cream that really moisturizes your cream. Humectants are the ingredients which are responsible for the hydration of our skin. It causes our skin to stay moisturized for a long time. Whenever you go out to buy a cream or moisturizer, look whether they contain humectants like hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, and glycerine or not. Your moisturizer must have at least one humectant.

Strategic layering

Your skin care products will work better if they are properly layered with those products which work well together. The main rule of layering is to apply the products of thinnest consistency first and then work it up to the heaviest ones. You should apply serums first, then oils and finally the creams. But no matter what sunscreen needs to be applied last as covering up the SPF with a lotion doesn’t make any sense.

No need for adaptation

You don’t really need to change your whole skincare routine every time winter comes around. If you already have a skin care routine in place which works pretty well for you there is no reason to change it just because of the winter season. You can just modify it a little by using a thicker lotion or any other more hydrating product.


You should moisturize just after your shower or after washing your face to lock all the moisture in. But too wet skin will cause the lotion to slide right off. Apply your moisturizers when the skin is freshly moist.

Learn to moisturize appropriately

When you buy organic face cream online, you will not know how much of it you should use daily. It applies to any other cream or lotion. And more is always not good. With a little bit of experimentation, you will figure out the correct amount required for different situations and body parts.

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