Apply For The Job Search Visa Germany

Germany is just not only beautiful country but it’s among the most powerful European countries. With high level of growth and employment, it becomes the best place for those who are looking for some prefect job. Country is famous for offering their residents free education and contemplated to be highly attractive and safe for working and living.

This country is also looking for well qualified employees who can work in Germany’s well paid locations because of this Germany encourages every skilled and young people to visit the country and seek for those place where they can work comfortably. So, if you’ve determined to work in this country, the first task you have to do is apply for job search visa Germany.

What is job search visa Germany?

Job search visa Germany gives long term permit for resident which grants permission to an individual to stay and live in Germany for 6 months and seek for job. And if you are able to find an employment place when your six months of visa expires, you’ll be granted with Germany’s work visa or work permit visa which will allow you to live and work in that country.

One thing you need to keep in mind that job seeker visa will not oblige to immediately start working in Germany. It simply means that an individual can visit country and seek for job during their stay.

Apply For The Job Search Visa Germany

For getting this visa, applicants need to have following things:

  • Have all the eligibility criteria for applying
  • Collect all the important documents
  • Fill out the application for and schedule for visa appointment

Eligibility criteria for applicants

There are different criteria which an applicant needs to fulfil for being eligible to apply for job search visa Germany. Criteria are as follows:

  • Hold bachelor or master’s degree from any German university or hold an identical foreign degree
  • Need to have five year experience in their related study field
  • Applicant also need to show up with proofs that they can cover all the required funds during their stay in Germany
  • Also need to have medical and travel insurance for their integrated stay or till they get their work permit in Germany.

If you have cross checked all of the mentioned criteria then you’re already one step close for getting your job search visa.

Documents required for application

Next step which arrives is to prepare all the necessary documents for filling application. Some important documents are:

  • Passport and copy of the data page from your passport
  • Three passport size photos which is based on specifications of biometric
  • Complete curriculum vitae
  • Accommodation proof in Germany
  • Health insurance proof

But completing all of these documents doesn’t mean that you’re all set to get the visa, decision of granting visa is totally depended upon the application centre. After gathering every document you need to fill in application form from the office of Germany embassy in your area.

Ones you get your visa accepted you are all set to visit the country and look for different types of jobs in Germany.

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