How Rummy Love is a Common Link Between Generations?

In most households, people of different generations or age groups find it very difficult to communicate. This lack of communication can be harmful to the relation. Most families find some way or the other to break the ice. Most often they end up with some common ground where people of all ages find it easy to share views. In India, rummy card game is surely one such link.

Here are some interesting ways in which the game of Indian Rummy helps people come closer:

The Common Urge to Learn

People of all ages have one thing in common which can never be neglected. This is surely the urge to learn something new. In a session of classic rummy game, the players can make the best of this urge and communicate with people of different ages. When you play with new people, you get to understand what they know about the card game. There is an exchange of knowledge that eventually breaks the ice brining people of different ages closer to each other.

A Great Way to Stay Busy

Most growing children have a lot of energy and this is used in play. However, young adults are most often restricted to their academics with very little avenues to show their potential. Similarly, people who are retired and have nothing much to do in life also crave for some engaging activity so that they get to socialise. All these goals are well achieved with the ultimate rummy game which people of all ages can play with equal gusto.

People in a family often arrange rummy get-togethers where they have points tournament. Youngsters get to hear tales of rummy’s origin or how it evolved over the years from the retired partners in rummy. They may even share their own rummy experiences when they played the game with their near and dear ones.

A Common Topic to Communicate

Communication is the key to long lasting relationships. People who fail to communicate their views or express their true opinions never make strong and lasting relationships. There is always the need of some topic to start communication and rummy card game is most often that perfect start.

Youngsters may be keen to share their innovative strategies to beat the opponent in the game. Older men enjoy sharing pieces of advice as well as some warnings regarding safe playing with partners. This is how the rapport is built over many sessions of card games.

Children should be kept away from gambling but the game as such is not harmful. Including your family for card game sessions helps to enhance bonding. The time spent together in strategizing and playing unique moves also remains in the minds of each player for a long time.

Most successful communicators know how useful a game of cards could be to initiate a conversation. That is the reason most avid travellers always carry a pack of cards on their tours. Playing the game while travelling helps to make new friends in different cities. Language is never a barrier when two players equally enjoy a session of card games.

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