Learn How To Teach Athletes To Perform Their Best Through Nutrition

An athlete’s body is a finetuned instrument that requires specifically tailored nutrition in order to function properly. By eating the right foods, they can fuel their bodies for competition and help prevent illnesses or injuries that could end their careers. If you are interested in helping amateur and/or professional athletes perform at the best, you may be interested in the sports nutrition course at CNELM.

What Will You Learn?

Sports nutrition focuses on the nutrients that are required to help an athlete to perform at their peak efficiency. When eating the right foods, they can help provide the energy and endurance an athlete needs to perform on the field of play. You will learn which foods are best suited for athletes who may need to focus on endurance instead of bursts of high energy.

Football players often end up running the length of the pitch throughout most of the match, so not only do they need to eat foods that will help provide them with energy, but with endurance as well. However, sprinters do not need foods to help them with endurance, but they will need to have bursts of high energy to help them run their race.

During your coursework, you will learn which foods will provide energy and/or endurance when they should be consumed and in what quantities. You will learn this information by studying how the body metabolizes food in order to get the most benefit from what it consumes. Along with providing the best performance possible through nutrition, you will also study how to help prevent injuries and how to treat them through nutrition.

How Long Is the Course?

The sports nutrition course is a nine-day module that is available online. For taking the course, you are awarded a total of 54 hours BANT CPD credits, which is six hours each day. While you don’t necessarily have to take the full course, you can pay per day, you will get the most benefit from completing the entire module.

Each day you will learn a different aspect of sports nutrition, including how to specifically design meals to help different types of athletes. You will learn about macro- and micro-nutrients, how much athletes should eat and recipes containing superfoods that can help athletes perform at their best. There is a module plan that you can go online and download to see what the syllabus is for each day of the course.

The Instructors

The nine-day module is taught by instructors who are experts in the field of sports nutrition. Many of them work as nutritional therapists with athletes or in sports medicine. Some of the instructors have degrees in biochemistry, human kinetics and functional medicine, so the instructors have a broad range of expertise that they bring to the field of sports nutrition.

If you are interested in learning how to help athletes perform at their best by making good nutritional choices, this nine-day module will help teach you what you need to know about sports nutrition and performance.

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