How To Evaluate Your House Insulation

Comfort comes first for all. To make your house comfortable for you and your family during harsh weather conditions comes at the cost of high energy bills. If you insulate your house, you could significantly reduce your electricity costs.

To take advantage of this, you need to evaluate your home insulation. These are the questions that need to be answered. What is the condition of the insulating product? What material was used? How well was it installed? In case some parts of the insulation cannot be examined, then hire a professional company to perform an infrared scan.

The following Signs will Show that your Insulation needs Improvement

If your house is old and the insulation seems to be falling apart, then it is in desperate need of replacement. If it hasn’t aged too badly and the remainder of the material appears to be functional, then you could opt for the existing product or choose a new type of product.

Any gaps between the insulation should be avoided during installation if you want the insulation to live up to its full potential, since gaps cause effects its effectiveness.

Blackened, Dirty Insulation is a Sign that Air Leakage is Occurring

If your insulation is blackened then here is what happened. Dust particles are getting trapped in the insulation due to the air movement. You need not worry; you can simply fluff it and reuse it. Besides that, the air leaks in the insulation need to sealed and tended to right away.

Badly Installed Insulation

When you install your insulation it is highly recommended to hire a professional insulation installer for the job. A professional can help you determine what areas should be insulated for the effectiveness. The heat enclosure of your house i.e. the boundary separating the living space and the unconditioned areas should be properly insulated.

For example, the heat enclosure of your house starts at the attic floor which is not heated. Then instead of insulating the attic roof, insulate the attic floor and your insulation will be more effective.

Check for Proper Air Sealing

Air can move though many insulating materials, thus negatively affecting the effectiveness. Also, it will fail to do its job and you are left with high energy costs due to heating and cooling, unwanted cold drafts or ice dams. There are some things you need to know before you start insulating your attic again, check whether the air sealing is adequate, the attic is properly ventilated and the insulation has been installed correctly.

Moisture Issues

Excessive moisture causes mold growth is a fact commonly known. Your insulation along with other areas in your roof can witness mold growth due to moisture issues. Too much moisture could help the mold grow considerably large and spread, also affecting the air quality of your home. These issues need your immediate attention and the moldy insulation needs a replacement.

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