Common Problems Users Experience With Iveco Daily

Common Problems Users Experience With Iveco Daily

Manufactured by the Italian company, Iveco, the Iveco Daily is basically a commercial van that is in high demand, today. It is a well-built vehicle with a very strong engine. The best thing about it is that it has a big size and therefore offers a lot of space. It is known for its outstanding performance and relatively low maintenance costs.

However, as far as motor problems are considered, it is not different than any other vehicle. You might face many problems, when dealing with your vehicle. Manuals from sites like remain the best option.

This article will help you to solve some common problems all by yourself.

Problems Sliding the Door

If you find that you are no longer able to slide the side doors as easily as you could do earlier, you will have to replace the entire door. The problem can be due to the damage in the bearings on the door mechanism. This will prevent the door from aligning properly.

The Engine

Sometimes the engine might start running very roughly. This can be due to carbon clogging around the valves. For this, you will have to clean up the Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation or the EGR valve with a toothbrush. When you put it back again, the engine will start working properly.

Rear Door

The rear doors will require more repairs than any other part of your vehicle. The check straps on them are very prone to damage. The common indication is that the rear door offers no resistance and just falls open. For this, you will have to replace the check straps. Iveco manuals can help you to decide the check strap that will be apt for your vehicle.


The fuel tank is placed at a very tragic location. Because of this, it is often exposed to wear and tear resulting in leaks on its surface. If you notice such a problem, the only solution is to get the fuel tank replaced. The oil will otherwise clog up vital areas of the machine and can cause great damage.

Apart from these common failures, there are certain things that you must keep in mind before buying your Iveco Daily. Look for:

  • Bodywork checks
  • Engine checks
  • Any wear
  • Leaks
  • Power delivery

It has been 36 years since this van is being produced. You must look for all the recalls that are listed in the database. You must keep yourself informed of any new fix and technique in the area. A thorough review of the manual will help you to understand your machine better. If you lose the original manual, you can download a new copy suited to your needs from

The common recalls that you must know include:

  • Decrease in the efficiency of the brakes
  • Loss of control on the vehicle
  • Decrease in the speed of the engine involuntary

Try to look for your problem in the manual. If you cannot, then seek out professional help before it is too late.

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