Yard Tools To Rent This Fall

As the winter closes in, it is time for you to start thinking about how to put your yard into hibernation. Well, unless you are from a warmer climate, in which case you should just buy your yard equipment so you can keep your yard lush and green all year long. But for those of you that face frozen pipes and dead grass, this article is going to go over the yard equipment that you may want to rent this fall.

First of all, with winter coming you are going to want to aerate your yard. By aerating your yard, you can improve soil drainage. It will also provide oxygen to worms, microfauna, and microflora, keeping them alive so they can help keep your yard alive. It also allows you to fertilize and water down to the roots of your grass, which in turn allows the roots to grow deeper and produce a stronger lawn. Think of aeration as a way of improving your yards circulatory system. By clearing out the thick excess, the circulation of air, water, and nutrients improves. If you rent an aerator this fall, you cannot only aerate your yard, but you can go offer your services to other people in the neighborhood. If you get enough people to enlist you in aerating their lawns, you could not only have your lawn done for free, but you may even profit off it! And that in not even a weekends worth of work.

Next up is our sprinkler system. As winter comes along, you need to make sure you don’t have water in your sprinklers. If you do, the water will freeze, expand, and break your pipes. If this happens, you will end up spending a lot of money on your new sprinkler system next spring. So to get rid of all of this water, you are going to want to get a compressor with a pressure regulator valve that can accurately gauge the amount of force you are using to blow out your water. Just be careful when you do it, and make sure you do it right. If you close all of your valves on accident, well, your sprinkler system will be a popped balloon. Imagine the sorrow of a child when their balloon pops, and multiply that by a dollar sign $ and don’t let that happen to you. But once again, after you rent a compressor, you can go make money off the neighbors.

Finally, when the snow comes down and you have to dig your way out of the front door, you will want a snow blower. Sure, it definitely will not help much if the snow piled up against your front door, turning the entrance of your house into a second freezer, but once you get out past the drifts, a snow blower is the way to go. No more straining your back with heavy shovels full of snow. You just crank the machine and let it blow snow out into the street or up into your yard. It’s so easy, you wont notice that you have done the whole neighborhood until you arrive back at your own snow cave back through the drift to your garage. All of your neighbors would love you for helping them clear the snow off the sidewalks, saving them from the cold.

So are you ready for fall, ready to make money off the neighbors without having to make an actual purchase, or you off in some warm climate with no idea what winter is. Go rent some tools.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best service and equipment rental in Columbia, MO has to offer!

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