The Complete Package Of Fitness and Recreation For Thailand Localities

The historic tradition of Thailand MuayThai has been treasured and carried forward by few like-minded professional experts in Martial Arts based on fighting and fitness regimes. Combining modern amenities, state of art equipment’s with this age old traditional combat Thai practices at reasonable prices is overwhelming attempt of this academy.  Also, a huge set up including accommodation, gym, yoga centres is available for an overall experience at this Phuket Fitness Camp.

Learning the Art from Certified Trainers and Masters

The people in the beautiful island of Phuket are lucky to have an abode of health and beauty all in one place.  The certified trainer’s team are all equipped with a perfect schedule and a variety of training programs for men and women of different age groups. An amateur is welcome without any previous knowledge of the combat tricks. The training is provided from the base level and strenuous physical challenges and techniques are taught. Some of the activities here include working on the abs, stretching exercises, and boxing, kicking and punching heavy bags which are Muay Thai techniques.  These progressively increase the stamina of the people. Most of these are group activities and hence people enjoy even when these are gruelling on the muscles and equally tiring.

Along with exercise, equal concentration is paid on resting muscles and also nutrition intake of the participants of this Phuket Fitness camp. There are special advantages for the overweight and obese people to have a great slim personality and toned body as running and sports activities conducted here will help lose those extra pounds from the unwanted body parts. The cardio set also extends to pushing the body to the extreme limits with push ups, sit ups being a regular feature of the camp. The people who are interested in overall development of body, mind and soul can log on to for more information regarding the price, trainer details and also the booking formalities.

The Stages of Training and Events

The camp will have a number of events intermittent in the long duration camp. The shadow boxers and the combat participants will get opportunities to showcase their skills in the ring events where they need to fight till they drop.  The trainees of combat will have to complete stages of training to finally be capable of becoming a combat instructor themselves. The weight training is an optional feature in some packages but definitely recommended for men who want to increase their endurance levels by submitting themselves to these arduous sessions.  One can witness the whole map of this Academy along with pictures on The International visitors can also get a taste of Thailand traditions by attending a few sessions of this fitness regime along with chilling out in the serene environment on the beaches, jungles of Phuket. The island is open for the fitness boot camps where the participants can practice kayaking, kite surfing and many water adventures including water rafting.

The Phuket Fitness camp is team efforts which lead to individual development for young students especially who are futures of Thailand.

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