The Most Common Themes In Games In Britain

The Most Common Themes In Games In Britain

What’s your favourite game genre? Are you a fan of high-paced action, or you prefer a brain-oriented strategy? The good news is that developers release games in various genres, which means everyone’s preferences are covered. If you take a look at trusted online casinos, you’ll find anything from slots to roulette, blackjack, and other genres.

Have you ever wondered what the most common themes in games in Britain are? Here is the list of the most frequent themes we come across in the online gaming world!

Adventure Themes

Who doesn’t like going on an adventure? In the real world, that could be hiking up to the hill of the nearby mountain. But you can go anywhere in games, and it only depends on the game you select. You can become Indiana Jones or assume the role of Lara Croft and explore ancient tombs searching for lost treasures. It’s also possible to head to a tropical island and try to survive on it.

The adventure games are often present in casino software, too. If you check out the slot selection, you’ll often see titles that take you to the Arctic, rainforests, or other parts of the planet.

Games with Cards

Cards have been there from the basics of gaming. Rummy is among the most entertaining games to play with friends, and many card games migrated to the competitive scene. You’ll find that the best poker players around the world earn millions by winning the tournaments.

As for other card games, you’ll find many variations in online casinos. Beginners love to begin with blackjack since it’s easy to learn and exciting to play. You can also play different poker types, but also baccarat, let it ride, and other card variations.

If we are talking about the general gaming scene, it’s hard to imagine good fun without cards. Many board games are card-based, and you’ll find those with their own card sets, such as Saboteur or Exploding Kittens. You’ll find card mechanics in many popular video games, too, and the latest example might be Hearthstone.

Actual Game Shows

You can probably remember a time when your mind wandered, and you imagined yourself as a competitor in a game show. These are usually quiz shows, such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or Deal or No Deal. You might like trivia, and let’s not beat around the bush, but say that the prizes are attractive, too.

Quiz shows offer exciting concepts, which is why many have their game releases to play at home. For example, you can find Jeopardy and other trivia quizzes to try offline. Many quizzes allow you to take your knowledge online and compete against other players in live sessions. You’ll also find game shows in online casinos. The mixture or Monopoly and Deal or No Deal give you great excitement while providing a chance to win life-changing prizes.


Sports games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are an integral part of the e-sports gaming scene. You’ll find competitions that pay millions to prove you are the best in these games. It’s possible to enjoy other sports, such as basketball, winter sports, etc.

As for internet gambling, you can bet on virtual sports, and the offer often includes anything from cricket to horse racing. You’ll find bingo and slot games based on sports themes.

History and Mythology

The beauty of gaming is that it can take you to any era in human history. Have you ever wanted to visit ancient Egypt or assume the role of a pharaoh? Is your dream to head to the medieval age and become a knight?

That’s all possible in the virtual world because of the progress of technology and game development. You don’t even have to stick to history because some developers don’t hesitate to add mythologic characters. Some most successful slots include the Book of Ra, Age of the Gods, and similar machines based on different mythologies.

Horror and Mystery

Some people prefer a good scare, and they see it as a way of having a great time. Those people are the reason why developers created a horror and mystery genre. The entire idea is of creating a dark atmosphere where you’ll truly feel something is out there to get you. Even if you are only playing casino games, licensed horror slots like Halloween will keep you on the edge of your toes. And if you want a serious scare, we suggest picking Resident Evil or a similar franchise in the survival horror franchise.

Although they are not that similar, the mystery is right there with horror when it comes to popularity. These games involve resolving a mystery, and you can do that by playing a detective, journalist, or another character. Once again, the variety of available releases is impressive. All you need to do is to find your favourite, and you are in for endless fun!

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