What Are The Bhip Global Products?

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Bhip Global was founded by Terry LaCore with a mission to deliver unique, authentic health and wellness products to audiences around the globe. Along with the top quality products, it offers verifiable scientific information to create a solid community that is based on trustworthiness. This is for members, promoters and all customers as a whole. It has gone through international expansion through sensitization strategies, including word of mouth kind of advertising. It is the strategies that have taken the company to the broad market and countries. It has embraced brand responsibility and transparency that has led it to success. The products are within legal guidelines, making them reliable.

The Products

This company offers loads of products. They include DNA support products which restore DNA dealing with the natural aging process. It also has products for energy and fitness, personal care, weight management and health and wellness. It means, therefore that any customer can get all the products that he or she needs to enjoy all round health benefits.

The Best DNA Support Products

What makes these products unique is the compound used in making them. It is patented, meaning that it cannot be used by any other product company. It reacts with the DNA damaging free radicals, molecules, ions and atoms making a huge difference from what other market products have to offer. The AC-11 compound works internally in repairing the DNA through attacking free radicals that could be present. The products, therefore end up making you feel and look younger.

Purple Plus:

This is a product that revitalizes and energizes. It is a supplement created to give energy and revitalize health. It adds ingredients such as aloe Vera, Maqui berry and noni fruit. They work together to strengthen the immune system, promote heart health and boost stamina and energy. It also boosts the production of collagen which in return fights aging signs such as wrinkles. You will also enjoy regulated sleep with the supplement.


It is a skin regeneration serum with the special compound under the brand. It works on damaged skin as a result of age or the sun.

Day Cream:

This is a day cream that revitalizes the skin from the common stress it goes through during the day such as exposure to allergens, pollution and UV rays. It manages the issues from their root cause easily revitalizing the skin. It also has the compound to deal with skin dryness and discoloration through moisture locking. You will enjoy a smoother, softer skin with the product.

Night Cream:

It is designed just like the day cream, but locks moisture to help the skin with the repair processes when you are sleeping. It is during the night period that the skin will start with the natural healing process and the cream boosts the process for best results.

Purple Strips and Caps:

The product helps in healing, repairing and energizing the body. The best thing is that it can be used during any time of the day for the results to be enjoyed. The caps on the other hand, are designed to add to the repair process. They are capsules that are vegetable based with probiotics as the added benefit to regulate the body’s ability to flush out toxins.

The Fusion:

This shake is delicious and formulated with vitamins, probiotcis, enzymes, protein, minerals and fiber. It can work as a great meal replacement thanks to the low calories that it has. It does not contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners, making it an amazing product even for weight loss. Bhip Global has plenty of other interesting and beneficial health products that you can choose from to enjoy better health.

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