How to Make Your Study Plan More Accessible

How to make your study plan more accessible

We all the know the importance of having a study plan. A study plan is an organised schedule that outlines study times and learning goals. It’s a critical part of student life. Every study plans need to be different and should be created in such a way that it caters to your needs. No rulebook is designed for students to have the same study plan. Here are some guidelines that can be used as an outline ,while you create a perfect study plan.

Set a goal

Your study plan needs to have a well-defined purpose, and it should help you stay focused and make you more goal oriented. For example, if you are aiming for a GRE score of 300, then dedicate your time efficiently for only GRE preparation and make sure you do not get sidetracked.

Flexibility is good

Your study plan should not be rigid, and structured study plans become too tedious of a task to follow. My word of advice is to try to design a plan in such a way that it includes an adequate amount of breaks.

How to Make Your Study Plan More Accessible

  • Your break plans should be well-organised.
  • You may indulge in a few extracurricular activities, but these activities must not derail you from your primary goal.

Create your space

It is best to have your study zone , which is the best-suited location at your home. Having a specific area for your studies will help you trigger the habit as soon as you enter your study zone, and you don’t have to force yourself to study once the habit kicks in.

  • Another word of advice keeps your study place tidy and well organised because a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind.

Set a timeline

This is perhaps the most crucial advice I could give, when students have a precise schedule it becomes easier for them to cover more syllabus in the given amount of time. This tip can be used while you are preparing for any competitive exam such as GRE, during GRE preparation it is best to assign time to each GRE section.

Exercise to calm those nerves

We all know about the dreaded exam crunch, students tend to get more frantic and chaotic while preparing for their respected examination. Simple meditation, brisk walks and light exercise help to keep your anxiety issues away. Students need to be calm and composed to perform better in their exams.

Progress card

If you are not aware of the level of progress you have made, then all the effort you have put in might go to waste. Be accountable for everything that you do, for example, if you have targeted GRE general test then ensure that you have taken enough practice tests and mock test to see how far you have come.This is also a great exercise to check if your study plan is working out.

Hopefully, with these above guidelines, you can now make a study plan that is more accessible to you.

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