The Rising Star Of Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S7

The Rising Star Of Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has always been the greatest of all competitors for iPhone. The South Korean company has managed to keep up the gear and also has made it possible to almost beat Apple. Samsung S series has been the one set of phones to have always done wonders for the company. I mean it has come up with six series already, with variations among them already! And of course, we are here waiting for the time when we will see the Galaxy S7 as well, isn’t it?

There is enough of wait for that actually! March has been the ideal month when Samsung has always introduced one of its Galaxy S series phones. So after the Galaxy S6 devices that came up this year, it is time for the Galaxy S7 next March 2015!

Users only tend to expect for more with each successor and so there is enough that Samsung always provides us with .with the S7 lined up, we can definitely hope for some mind boggling features it will bring for us!

With Galaxy S6 being already up with the latest of trends, the rumors about S7 have begin to crop up and it surely will bring for its users a wide range of features to explore.

Features of the Smartphone

Having talked about features, let us see the features that the phone is most likely to incorporate. Assumptions as they are, since by next year who knows how much technology progresses! So here it is:

  • Octa-core Snapdragon processor 3.0+ GHz or Exynos 16-core big.LITTLE. Advancement as there is!
  • 4K resolution display, which is going to be amazing! It might as well be foldable!
  • 4GB RAM: Now that’s when we are talking, isn’t it? After all it is faster than even laptops!
  • 30 MP front camera which will incorporate a rotatory system!
  • An advanced Touch ID along with retina scan as well. Add ons as they are!
  • Fast charging it will have. Busy world you see!

Pretty amazing it is, isn’t it? This will make it the biggest competitor of  LG G5, Xperia Z5, HTC M10 and iPhone 8. Samsung has tried to evolve and has always been successful in correctly applying for remedial measures as per the requirements! I mean take Samsung Galaxy S5 for instance; it did not seem to work out so well, and then came the Galaxy S6 with fixing up for the flaws in its predecessor. That is how it is meant to function! This is not end to news about the phone.

There is still a lot to come, as rumors or official news. We are expecting the phone sometime soon but not before first quarter of next year as the trend has always been for the Samsung S series Smartphones!

So it is now time to wait up and watch out for the Smartphone which has everybody’s eyes set on it!

However do not forget these are all based on rough ideas and an analysis of the past S series phones. We might very much be surprised when the phone is finally here!

Happy waiting it is for us!

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