8 Useful Secrets From Shoe Repair Shops

For every woman it is difficult to find perfect shoes that are comfortable as well as amazing. In some cases when you finally find a pair of perfect shoes, you want to keep them with you for long time. Whether you like sneakers or pumps, you need to consider some important things if you want to keep your shoes in good shape and condition. After purchasing your shoes from a good website like Justfab.com consider following tips.

Before Wearing Shoes, Visit a Cobbler

When you want to extend the life of your shoes, it is important to consider preventive care. Before you start wearing shoes, you should visit a cobbler and ask the person to place rubber soles. This is even more important if you purchase leather shoes. Rubber soles prevent leather from wearing down. Moreover, they keep water away from shoe soles.

Do not Buy Shoes in Poor Condition

Sometimes, a good pair of vintage shoes may seem like an good deal. However, when it comes to repairing them, it may not worth it. Worn-in soles and dried out leather make shoes impossible to wear. You may get something repaired and something else may fall apart after sometime. Thus, you should never purchase shoes in poor condition.

There’s Not Much Room in Terms of Size

You should not purchase shoes only on the basis of looks they have. If shoes do not fit perfectly, you may experience some problems while walking. However, a cobbler can make your shoes fit for you. Loose pairs can be re-sized with soles, while tight shoes can be stretched to fit your feet properly.

Don’t Use Gel Shoe Pads

In beginning, gel shoe pads may seem comfortable. However, experts believe you should not use gel shoe pads because after a month, they will not feel comfortable. Latex foam is another material you should avoid. JustFab.com offers wide range of choices to help you out.

Weatherproof the Shoes

When it’s snowing or raining, you need to use water repellant on your shoes. Most shoes are not manufactured with water resistant materials. Dust and dirt can also deteriorate the condition of your shoes. In case your shoes are dirty, you should clean them with a damp cloth and soap. Weatherproofing makes your shoes last long.

Extend the Life of Heels

There’s often a ‘click clack’ sound that come from heels. Over time, heel tip may get broken or get detached. In order to avoid replacement, you should ask cobbler to fit heel caps. Cobblers have good idea about different types of heel caps. Thus, they will make sure your heels do not look weird with them.

Always Use Shoe Bags

Almost every pair of shoes comes with its own storage box. Storage box keep shoes soft and prevent structural damage. When your shoes are stored in dry or hot climate, leather will also dry up and it will start cracking. Thus, you should keep shoes away from heating vents and sunny spots. So keep them in cool and dry space in its own storage box.

Don’t Try Everything Yourself

Last but not the least, you need to know when it is a right time to visit a cobbler. Some people try to repair shoes on their own and end up damaging them even more. When you think the damage is severe, you should visit a cobbler.

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