Most Popular Tech Jobs In India

Most Popular Tech Jobs In India

It is beyond doubt that the jobs available within the industry are all high paid. There are numerous job openings and it is important to find out which are the most high paid and the most popular jobs of 2015. Along with that it is also important to know which of the jobs has the best openings.

Technology is used to connect with people as well as detach from them. This is the reason why the industry is very much dependent on the skilled professionals who makes these phenomena possible. Here is a list of top jobs in technology in India. The jobs in this sector are in fact the faster growing jobs in the industry.

Software Developer

The software developers are the most important person behind your obsession with Hollywood apps or the Samsung Galaxy phone. These software developers can be divided into two distinct categories. They are application developer whose main job is to design database and design software of computers. The second type is those who build OS and are known as system-focused developers. Operating Systems built by them are iOS or Linux. Recent researches predict that before 2022 there will at least 140,000 new job openings.

Computer System Analyst

In order to excel in this sector it is very important for you to be process oriented as well as goal focused. It is very important for a computer system analyst to have a clear knowledge about computer hardware, networks as well as software and the way they work. They are also consulted to give the best recommendation in a company about the type of operating system to use. The Labor Department is of the opinion that the employment growth in this sector will grow by 24.5% percent in future.

Information Security Analyst

This profession is growing faster at the rate of 36.5% as day by day we are becoming more and more dependent on technology. So, must be there is some secrets that makes this profession so popular. The main work of an information security analyst is to monitor and plan the security of the different company networks for different government agencies as well as private companies. They are also responsible for troubleshooting any security related problems.

Web Developers

The way you see the website layouts are made by the website developers. They create the sleek fonts and the eye-catching designs that you can get to see whenever you browse through your favorite website. This is no doubt the fastest growing as well as the most popular job of this decade. Employment is sure to swell in this industry by at least 20%.

IT Manager

The IT managers are the most important person sitting at the top of any IT company. They are in fact the only person to consider when your word processor is not starting or you are unable to send your email. This is a growing profession and an organizations technical network is their main target of operation. Positions are expected to increase by 50% in the near future.

Computer Systems Administrator

The main task of a computer system administrator is to keep your network functional. He is the one to keep up the functionality of the web pages you load. They are highly tech savvy and their skills are landed mainly to manage the networks of telecommunication. This field and position in IT is also sure to grow up at least by 42,900 in the coming few years.

Database Administrator

This profession is highly in demand and the main work of the administrator to set up a database that will be helpful for the company. Maintaining the operation of those databases is also their duty. At present this is also among the most popular technology related jobs in India. As predicted by the Labor Department near about 17,900 new positions are going to be added to this filed by 2022.

Computer Programmer

Generous understanding and patience are the two important things needed to be a successful computer programmer. The most important thing to be remembered by these professionals is that how a computer works. These IT specialists maintain, test, debug, and rewrite the software and the key functions of the computer that are program essentials mainly.

These are some of the high paid as well as the top jobs in IT in India. Along with the above mentioned openings there are other areas as well which are equally popular and high paid. Such positions are solution architect, analytics manager, product manager, data scientist, QA manager, hardware engineer, UX designer, software designer and a lot more.

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