Creative Drinking Glasses

There’s something about a quality-made and -designed glass that seems to make drinks taste more refreshing than if it were displayed in a more conventional sort of cup. In fact, this notion has been exemplified by all the different variations of glasses that people have created for alcoholic drinks. Different glasses are meant for different drinks, and they imply different meanings about the occasion you are drinking at and the personality of the drink itself.

Fred and Friends Hopside Down Glass

Take, for instance, the Fred and Friends Hopside Down Glass. Not only is it is a double-walled glass, which keeps your beer colder for longer, but also the inner glass wall is shaped like the top of a beer bottle. These are novelty glasses meant for people who enjoy drinking beer straight out of the bottle, and they’re great gift items as well because they come as individual gift boxes. What’s more, they’re dishwasher safe and are great for parties.

Crinkled Glass

Another interesting glass is a crinkled glass, which is a glass that comes in the shape of a plastic red solo cup and has crinkles infused in the design. These are definitely glasses with character, and there are many different color variations online from clear to purple. Perfect glass for picnics or parties alike, owning a couple of these would be a good investment for fun additions to your glassware set.

Bombay Sapphire by Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert created a glass to reflect the taste and feeling that comes with consuming Bombay Sapphire. It’s a hand-blown, blue colored glass, that’s delicate and small. It has a stem, which breaks off into numerous different smaller stems that resembles your martini glass sitting on a snowflake. This is a special occasion glass and conveys the idea that you are drinking something very special and well distinguished.

Half Full

Are you a half–full type person? Well, now there’s a drink to reflect this sunny optimism. This glass is labeled “half full” on the outside and has a red container that will only let you fill the top half of the glass, which is meant to remind you that you can always find refreshment in the half-full mindset.

Utopik All-in-One

Don’t want to buy different glasses for every occasion? Look no further. Utopik created an all-in-one drinking glass that is meant for drinking water, cognac, wine, and champagne. It’s glass on top with a plastic-looking bottom that’s meant for different attachments, depending on what kind of drink you want. Its attachable parts include a stem for wine and a sleeker, thinner stem for champagne. The water glass is the glass by itself without any attachment, while the Cognac glass is for if you tip the glass on its side. It doesn’t spill over, but merely leans to one side, tilting your drink diagonally.  It’s not the prettiest glass, but it is well designed, multi-functional and sturdy.

This is [not]

Jeremy Brown designed a glass called this is [not] as part of a personal design project. He was trying to portray glasses more as visual objects than functional glasses. One particularly interesting design was the one that made a glass resemble a smoking pipe or a ladle used for soup. He made prototypes of all the glasses and are on sale by individual order.

While some of these glasses are more conventional and functional than others, once you start exploring creative drinking glasses, it makes you wonder what else designers have created. The brevity of this list of creative glasses is only starting to cover it. Who knew drinking glasses could bear such novelty?

Written by the staff at Willie’s Pub and Pool. Willie’s has great drink specials and is one of the most atmospheric bars in Columbia MO.

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