15 Cheap and Easy Meals For College students

The life of a college student is very fast and tough at the same time. Taking of all things at once can be hard for students who are studying in colleges specially. They usually do not have time to cook or make foods that take a lot of time as they have a very busy and hectic schedule.

Being a college student, you are aware of the fact that meal times are often unplanned, unexpected and they usually happen at an odd hour of the day. If you do not live on the camp, you probably do not have any meal plan for the camp dining hall and you are left on your own devices. Even if you are eating at the dinning hall you still have to prepare your own food outside of these rigid hours majority of the time. So here is a list of 15 cheap and easy meals for college students:

1: Tofu Scramble

Breakfast can be made easy by taking some milk and mixing it with some cereal and eating that but this can old very fast. The alternative to such breakfast is making a good tasty tofu scramble. With some tofu, vegetables and spices you can simply make one of the most amazing hot breakfast for yourself.

2: Healthy Pasta Dishes

Pasta is one of those things which is being loved by students all around the world as it is quick and easy to make. Just try boiling some pasta, any type of pasta and top it of with some delicious vegan vodka cream sauce. You can make this sauce easily as it includes only cashews, water, marianne sauce and vodka. Just mix this all together and your sauce will be ready, just pour the sauce over your pasta and you have one tasty dish to eat.

3: Hummus and Veggie Wrap

This is a very easy recipe as you can buy pre-made tortillas the kind you like from any grocery store and keep it in your dorm or apartment. Take some hummus, chop up some vegetables and add some greens and bam and wrap this all up in tortillas and you have a delicious wrap for lunch.

4: Simple Salads

Salads are one of those things from which you can never get tired as it is easy to make and doesn’t require any effort what so ever. Just simply chop up all those vegetables that you like to eat, put it in a bowl and using different types of sale dressing to give it the flavor your want and this mix it all together and take a fork and enjoy your salad.

5: Tacos and Quesadillas

Mexican food is one of those foods which is easy to prepare and calls for ingredients which are cheap and easy to buy from any store. Just take a simple taco or Quesadillas and fill it up with anything your like for examples vegetables or chicken piece or sauces and just hold it in your hand and start eating. It is simple and easy to make and it tastes delicious while eating.

6: Ram N’ Cheese

This is one of the easiest to make recipes in the world. Everything is ready you just need to have a stove and boiling hot water. Just throw the Ram N’ noodles and cook it and add the stuff provided with it and in few minutes you have tasty Ram N’ Cheese ready to eat.

7: Pitta Bread Pizza

You simply go get a baked pitta bread from any grocery store and along with it get a jar of tomato pizza topping and mozzarella or granted cheese. Just cut the pitta bread into small pieces, put the tomato sauce on it and cover it with cheese. Baked it till the cheese fully melts and then take it out and enjoy your easy baked yummy pitta bread pizza.

8: Chop

This is a great and simple dish to make. You only need three ingredients for this dish and they are cheese, onion and potato.Just simply chop the onions and potatoes and grate it with cheese and enjoy your dish. If you like it layer wise, place a layer of potato’s on the bottom of a pyrex dish or any dish which is available, place a layer of onions and then place a layer of cheese and keep repeating this process. Preheat it at 200f for around one hour and your dish is ready.

9: Cheese Dip Rice

This recipe includes a handful of salad rocket and some pre cooked rice. Just simply mix the cooked rice with the rockets and mix it well. Refrigerate it for some time and eat it once it is cold. This easy to make meal is simple yet very delicious and tasty.

10: Chow Chow

This chow chow dish comes in handy when you have leftovers. It includes carrots cut into long strips, french beans cut into long pieces, potatoes cut in the shape of french fries, ready made indian pickle masala power or the gravy of any spicy pickle can be used, mustard seeds, asafetida, oil and some salt for the taste. Take a bowl and mix the veggies with the pickle masala while heat some oil on a pan. Add some mustard seeds, asafetida and then the veggies and stir it well. Then cover the pan with a plate and add water over the plate and allow the food to cook for sometime. Once cooked well add some salt and stir it well. Take it out in a plate and enjoy your amazingly delicious dish.

11: Breakfast with Eggs and Cheese

This is one of those dishes that any student can make and start up their day with a healthy breakfast. Take two eggs and add any vegetables that are available and cook it in a pan. Then you put the eggs in a plate and cover it with cheese. All some salt and pepper to it and eat this eggs with any sort of bread that is available.

12: Bacon and Avocado Breakfast in a Sandwich

When it comes to college students, they do not have enough time to make a full breakfast. This ten-minute recipe provides all the essential proteins and healthy fast that are required to start up your day in the right and energetic way. Cook you bacon and then cook the eggs in a pan. Put some avocado on the bread and cover it with the bacon and eggs and enjoy your bacon and avocado breakfast sandwich.

13: Pizza Style Grilled Cheese

It is a simple recipe for college students to follow. Take two slices of bread and two slices of cheese. Three oz of pepperoni slices and three oz of pasta sauce and some butter. Put some butter in the frying pan, place the pepperoni slice in the pan and cook it. Place the bread on the pan, put the pepperoni on top of the bread and put some cheese. Add the second slice of the cheese, and cover it with the second slice of the bread. Cook the sandwich on the pan for some time and take it off.

14: Bacon Wrapped Cheese Hotdogs

All the ingredients for this dish are pre-made so there is not need for further cooking. Just take a pan and cook the Hotdog and bacon in it. Place the Hotdog on a bun and put the bacon in it as well. Add the sauces on it that fit for your taste and enjoy the wrap.

15: The Easiest Cheese Cake Ever

If you are a cheese cake lover, you will surely like this recipe. It is simple and easy to make and does not require a lot of time. Have some cookies, any sort you like, some butter, Florida cheese (it is already made cheese in a creamy form)  and any sort of topping you want. Crush the cookies into crumbles, mix it with butter and make a thick base for the cake. Add half cup of icing sugar in the Florida cheese and mix it well. Add this on top of the cookie base you have made. Take any fruits, for examples strawberries, make a sauce out of them and place it on top of the cheese cake. Place it in the refrigerator for it to settle in well. Just after sometime, you have a delicious strawberry cheesecake ready to eat.

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