Understanding Social Security Administration

The SSA or Social Security Administration offers financial support for disabled and retired persons. It also gives survivor benefits i.e. funds paid to the children or spouse of a deceased worker. The Social Security Administration administers a social security program utilizing funds it gathers from social security taxes.

The funds are dispersed monthly amongst people who are eligible and have successfully applied to receive the funds. However, not everybody qualifies and in that case, the person may choose to contact a local social security appeals lawyer.

Kinds of Social Security Benefits

  •         Disability Benefits – These are offered by the SSA to eligible workers. These benefits would be almost equal to what you would have earned if you had retired normally.
  •         Retirement Benefits – These are the SSA’s common reimbursement for employees who retire post the minimum age. The amount that you will be entitled to will depend on your lifetime’s income.
  •         Survivor’s Benefits – These are payments administered by the SSA made to the surviving family members of the eligible deceased worker.
  •         Supplemental Security Income – Employees who do not earn enough income during their life can also obtain financial assistance by implementing benefits offered by the SSA. Usually, these funds are offered to those workers who meet are blind or disabled, or fulfill the minimum age requirement.

Reasons You Are Being Denied SSA Benefits

You might be denied the SSA benefits due to several reasons, which depend on the kind of benefit for which you have applied. The most common reason is that either you did not pay the required social security taxes or you did not fulfill the minimum age requirement.

Sometimes when you, as a disabled person, child, or surviving spouse of a deceased worker, meet the requirements to apply for the SSA benefits but not provide required information on your application. So, you might be denied the SSA benefits. In this case, consider contacting a social security appeals attorney.

Things to Do If You Believe You Have Been Wrongly Refused SSA Benefits

You must contact a social security lawyer if you have been denied SSA benefits. However, you should first follow this four-step process by the SSA.

  •         Reconsideration – This is the initial statement in the appeal procedure where the local social security executives will conduct a thorough review of your claim. They will take into consideration any new or original evidence.
  •         Administrative Law Hearing – In case the local officers deny your claim, an impartial and unknown administrative judge will independently review your claim.


  •         Social Security Appeals Council – After the administrative judge denies your claim, your claim will be reviewed by the council. The ruling given by this council would be final. It may deny your claim, decide to review your claim, or return it to administrative law judge again for further review.

File a Case in Federal Court – The Council’s decision may be unquestionable, yet there is another step in the process. The SSA can ultimately be sued in federal court by you if you are not satisfied with the decision.

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