How To Make Montana Unemployment Insurance Claim?

Are you an unemployed person living in Montana and are looking to find another job to run your family? Do you want to get some payment relief in between of losing your job and finding a new one to sustain your family and to meet overhead expenses? Well, you can make use of the Montana unemployment insurance program to get financial aid during the period when you have no job and money to run your family. Montana unemployment insurance is a program that pays you short term benefits to help you run your family during the period when you have lost your job for no fault of your own. The employers tax money is taken to pay the unemployment insurance costs and your paycheck will not be disturbed.

Eligibility for Claim

If you want to be eligible to get Montanan unemployment insurance benefits, then you need to show the wages that you had earned over the period of last 12 to 18 months. You should be ready to work in any firm and must be physically and mentally fit to do the job. You should state the reason why you became unemployed and you also need to provide your citizenship proof and legal documents that give you permission to work, if you are not a US citizen.

How To Make the Claim?

You can make claim every week, Visit the unemployment bi weekly website and start the claim process by entering your social security number and your date of birth. You will then need to enter your PIN to file a new claim. You will be taken to the main menu page where you need to click on the file new claim option to start a new claim for unemployment insurance. Follow the instructions that flash on your screen to register your unemployment insurance claim.

You must request for bi-weekly payments once you have registered for a claim. You should make claim request once after every second Saturday after midnight. You will be asked a set of questions whenever you request for a claim like did you quit or were fired from your job, did you look for the work this week, were you physically and mentally fit to do a job during the week and so on.

You will have to answer all the questions that you face in order to prove that you are legitimate. You should also make sure that you file your claim for benefits within 7 days of the last week of your bi-weekly filing end period.

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