Planning A Pocket Friendly International Trip

How often have you dreamed about exploring the European countries or thought of shopping in Singapore but been too afraid about the negative effects on your bank balance? We all crave to explore the beautiful countries without putting any effects to our wallets. By considering the right kind of planning, you can visit almost any destination of your interest on a budget in a good way.

Check out these tips to make your travel cheaper and more worthwhile.

Planning A Pocket Friendly International Trip

  1. While Ticket Bookings always look for deals – Always plan you trip in advance and visit discount websites to see if there are better deals and offers. While these sites might charge you a service fee, they can easily combine flight segments from different airlines easily to give you the best deal.
  1. Book Round Trip Tickets – Sometimes, one-way tickets are so expensive that the round trip ticket is cheaper. Try to use the return trip option while booking tickets
  1. Connecting Flights – You might think connecting sucks, but it sure saves you a good amount of money doing it. Consider the pros and cons and don’t write it off right away.
  1. Pack Light – As we know, airlines charge for everything now and if you have 2 bags or more, expect to be charged for it. Try not to use oversized bags whenever possible and keep your entire luggage within one bag per person. Consider not taking really old clothes, if you plan to buy new ones on the trip. This way, you can keep one luggage and still have room for more shopping.
  1. Stay in a Vacation Home – If you are staying at a destination for at least a few days, consider a vacation home or hostels instead of hotels. They are often are more comfortable and will probably cost you much less.
  1. Avoid Expensive Locations– Many countries have tourist spots that aren’t really the most interesting places to go to, not to mention that everything is more expensive around that area. Instead of visiting those expensive places, you can go to local areas of that place and observe life. These local experiences might very well be great and will surely spice up your vacation.
  1. Use Public Transport– Tourists usually prefer taxis while travelling in the city since it’s the laziest way to go anywhere. To make your travel less expensive, use the subway or buses because it’s sometime much easier and less expensive.

International Holidays are always fascinating, but the only drawbacks are the expenses involved.

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