Understanding Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer

SBO stands for synchronous bandwidth optimizer. In VoIP, the transmission cost is considered as one of the major expenditures. That is where SBO plays an effective role. It is a highly technical feature which cuts off  the operating expenditure up to 80%. It is flexible because it works with any type of firewall internet which means it can help to resolve the issues of highly restricted networks. Therefore, SBO lends an anti blockage feature to the VoIP system. It is thus one of the most important and highly recognized bandwidth optimization.

There are the many versions of the SBO and the most updated one is capable of using multiple internet connection simultaneously with load balancing,failover and quality control for the first time in the history of Telecommunication and VoIP history. Thus it provides a great facility for termination business. The best part with SBO’s latest version is that can work with all type of networks and one can plug in all the multiple networks together. It bypasses all kind of firewall, it works like a tunnel and secure packets. It has the technical support every time.

Using SBO is quite a beneficial. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It saves money by allowing VoIP business with cheap public and shared internet connections. And because of its latest version it offers a quality service by offering load balancing and doing failover on demand. It spreads the network load among all the available networks that provide better service during peak time and congestion.
  • It uses proprietary congestion management technology. This technology efficiently manages the congested network by creating TCP tunnels, multiplexing and by various other means. It maintains quality of service with various network statistics which in return helps to improve the performance of the route. Practically speaking up, it can increase average call duration by 2-3 minutes. This means it is not mandatory to arrange fir a real IP. Organizations can run through public or shared IP.
  • Before it was introduced, it was not impossible for small and medium VoIP operators to do quality voice termination with publicly used shared internet. The latest versions and features of SBO have got the potential to provide opportunities to the business with low cost shared bandwidths and still provide the superior voice quality services. It can also connect with the internet through wi-fi, Wi-Max, EDGE/3G/LTE modems to gather the required bandwidth to do the termination. It works behind any type of wall, so it opens the door of opportunity for many restricted networks as well.

Hence, with so many advanced and beneficial features people are becoming more inclined towards the use of SBO optimizer. The networks that work little slow are expected to provide same quality of internet connection but at reasonable price. All thanks to this highly advanced technical feature. It has emerged as a blessing for the wireless projects where the organizations have regional as well as national reach. Hence, through  synchronous bandwidth optimizer the capacity of users also increases.

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